School uniform

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify Academy rules regarding uniform, equipment and appearance to ensure that there are no misunderstandings in September.

Academy uniform can be purchased from Trutex.



  • Dark blue Academy blazer
  • Academy tie
  • Grey jumper with red, blue or green house trim
  • White shirt (not blouse) (worn with the top button fastened)
  • Black trousers or skirt with the Academy logo (no variation of the skirt or trousers is acceptable).
    • The skirt – official Academy skirt only – should be no higher than 10cm above the knee.
    • Trousers should be plain black traditional tailored trousers.  No jeans or skinny trousers.  No studs or extra zips.  No leggings.
  • Plain black traditional style shoes
    • Anything that could be mistaken for a trainer will not be accepted. No boots.
  • Socks – White or plain black. No higher than knee length.  Black or natural tights.  No leggings.

PE and games kit

The following is a list of items of kit that are expected for every PE lesson:
• Blue shorts or skort with The Macclesfield Academy logo (compulsory)
• Blue tracksuit bottoms with The Macclesfield Academy logo (optional)
• Blue leggings with The Macclesfield Academy logo (optional)
Students can wear either shorts or tracksuit bottoms for lessons but one must be worn.
• Blue polo shirt with The Macclesfield Academy logo (compulsory)
• Blue tracksuit top (optional)
• Long blue navy socks to allow shin pads to be worn (compulsory)
• Shin pads (compulsory for hockey and football)
• Gum shield (recommended for hockey, compulsory for rugby)
• Blue/black gloves (winter only)
• Trainers (compulsory)
No hoodies, leggings or branded tracksuit bottoms/shorts.


  • Hairstyle – the key here is to remember that the pupils are here to learn, not to attract attention to themselves.
  • The rule regarding hair styles or colours therefore is that they are not unusual. There should be no hair dye or coloured stripes or highlights unless they would not be noticed (for example a light brown colour would not be noticed but a purple one would.)
  • Similarly a short hair cut would not be noticed but a shaved head or shaved stripes would.
  • Make-up – light foundation only permitted. No lipstick or mascara.
  • Jewellery – plain stud earring only – maximum of one per ear. No rings. No bracelets of any type.
  • Facial / tongue piercings are an absolute no – no exceptions and no time allowed to prevent the piercing from healing.
  • False eyelashes and nails must be removed prior to entry to school.


  • Bag – big enough to carry large text books and / or A4 file. A handbag or ‘manbag’ is not sufficient.
  • Pencil case with at least 2 pens, a ruler and a pencil.
  • Reading book.
  • Homework folder.
  • Uniform and equipment card.
  • From Year 7 – a scientific calculator. Suitable calculators can be purchased in school or found online here. This model is also available from supermarkets at around £8 in black, pink, blue or white. Alternatively, a calculator and Maths set can be obtained from here.

If in doubt about any aspect of uniform, particularly shoes and hairstyles, please ask before buying.