Academy Students Rise to the Challenge and Excel in New GCSEs

Students at the Macclesfield Academy were celebrating the numbers who achieved the highest grades (Grades 7-9) on the new GCSEs.   Although these new qualifications are regarded as more challenging than the ones they replaced, Academy students exceeded the national pass rates at these highest grades in Geography, History, Spanish, Art, Music and Drama.

Speaking after the publication of the results, Mr Richard Hedge, Headteacher said, “All over the country, schools had been worried about the impact of the new GCSEs.  I am delighted with the way that our staff and students have risen to the challenge of these new exams and congratulate all of the students on such impressive results.  Provisionally, almost 65% of students achieved grade 4 or above (the standard pass) in English and/or Maths and there were significant improvements in the number of students achieving the highest grades across a range of subjects “.

Among the high flying Year 11 students achieving multiple grades at these highest levels were Patrick Wood, Rob Rowson, Maddie Burton, Max Ludlaim, Emma Feay, Matthew Markin, Harry Johns, Georgia Clarke, Millie Carter and Jamie Robertson.  “Each and every one of these students has done really well” said Mr Hedge “and I congratulate them all”.

Mr Hedge added “Our unique curriculum structure means that not only have our Year 11 students outperformed the national levels in many subjects but we also have students in Years 9 and 10 who have passed the new GCSEs at the highest levels and paved the way for even greater success in the coming years.”