Design & Technology – unique facilities!

The Design and Technology exhibition space is getting a lot of interest from other D&T departments across the country.
Facebook have group pages for businesses etc, and also group forum pages to share ideas, resources and to seek advice for Subject teachers.  After completing the ‘Clothes for Cambodia’ display (an initiative run through Enrichment), and photos of the rollercoaster semi-finalists, I thought I would photograph it and share on the D&T forum pages.
What a fantastic response!  It would seem The Macclesfield Academy is somewhat unique.  We have space to exhibit students work, we have a Technician who was able to make the cabinets at a fraction of the cost, we have caretakers who painted the walls to our specification.  The cost of it all was funded from our Rollercoaster win in 2014.  These are just some of the comments:
‘looks awesome’
‘Excellent space.  You are a lucky bunch.  Very inspiring’
‘this is how it should be, well done!’