East Cheshire Hospice Snowman Sprint

Soon the Macclesfield Academy will do the Snowman Sprint. It will hopefully raise a lot of money for the charity we are supporting. The charity we are supporting is called The East Cheshire Hospice.
East Cheshire Hospice is a great charity that looks after old people who do not have a family or if they would like to spend the last moments of their life with the charity. The charity needs a lot of money to carry on doing their fantastic work. That is why they have teamed up with the Macclesfield Academy to help their charity carry on for another year. Students can also buy a snowman hat to help raise money.
All years will be doing the snowman run when they have PE on the last week before the school breaks up for Christmas. Everyone will love having a fun lesson running around and doing all sorts of obstacles.
In the past we have had a Reindeer Run and a Santa Run. We did team up with other charities for that, but we are very proud to be helping East Cheshire with the Snowman Sprint. We hope that everybody enjoys it and will we raise as much money as we can for this brilliant charity.