Food Bank Donation

Many thanks to all who donated items of food for the Silklife Food Bank.

Tony Togneri, the Pastor from St George’s, took Jack Fairweather, Joe Martin, Gabe Geary, Zak Soualmi, April Wright-McClean and Brendan Goodwin to Silklife to deliver the food.

Sam Little and his team of volunteers showed us how they sort the food out and pack their shelves, ready to repack into bags with a balance of items for a week’s meals.

Sam explained that the food is given out through a referral system, so can only be collected by those who have a real need. Often this is a lifeline to get families through a difficult time.

The students asked lots of questions, for example, had they ever run out.  Sam said that usually just after Christmas stock can get very low.  They have never run out, but last year stock was so low they struggled to give out staple items for a main meal.

Sam thanked the students for your donations, which he said will make such a difference.  The students were very proud in being able to take the food today.