Help for Yr6 Transition to The Academy

On the 15th of March we (Ruby Ault, Ffion Edwards and Julie Evans-Turner) went to our old Primary School – Hollinhey – to deliver an assembly based on the worries lots of children face when transitioning to High School.


Late last year, Ruby approached me and Julia and we were instantly excited to both talk to the pupils and go back to our old Primary School, so we prepared an assembly and practised together.


We had many practices and on the day we could hardly wait. It was great to see our old Primary School and how it had changed since we left.


It was lovely to educate the pupils about opportunities The Academy offers. Personally, my favourite part was seeing the enthusiasm the children showed when we told them about the new sports they will get to try, for example trampolining.


When asked about trips, we answered that the school does many very fun visits (especially in the transition period) and it was great to see the excitement when we told them about The Academy’s Reward Trip to Alton Towers!

As we entered the school a strong feeling of nostalgia washed over us.  Seeing our old playground and classrooms reminded us of the time we spent there.  It was lovely to see our old teachers and talk to all the children.

We would like to thank Ms Halsall for making this happen.  Thank you.