Inspirational Teaching

We would like to draw your attention to a lovely story in the Macclesfield Express recently about the inspirational teaching of Mr Rodgers, our Subject Leader for Creative Arts.

The article (about a Macclesfield band made up of former students) quotes one of the band members:

“We’re all self taught musicians but we all had the same music teacher at school, Dave Rodgers, who was an inspiration to be around.

He was the music teacher at Henbury and Macclesfield High. He just had this intense energy and passion when it came to music and teaching. It’s that kind of natural enthusiasm that you have to look up to and is something we try to emulate when it comes to writing and performing. Something like that never leaves you”.

One of our parents described it as a “lovely read”.  She added that: “As a parent of a current pupil, I agree wholeheartedly.  It is clear from the amount of students who want to be involved in school productions that Mr Rodgers continues to inspire pupils to want to challenge themselves.  It was particularly lovely to hear this coming from ex pupils (in the article) and seeing that his positive influence is something they have taken forward into adulthood”.

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