Media Studies

Dr Julie Skarratt – Curriculum Leader

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At the Macclesfield Academy we have a hugely successful Media Studies department where students follow a varied and interesting curriculum. It is this carefully constructed programme that allows students to reach the highest levels of academic achievement. The Media Studies GCSE is available as an option subject to students in Years 9, 10 and 11.

Course structure

Media Studies is a one year course that follows the AQA specification. The course is 60% controlled assessment and 40% external assessment.  The topic of the external assessment changes every year.

2015 TV news
2016 Science fiction films
2017 Television game shows
2018 Serial television drama

For the internal assessment students produce three pieces of work.  They study a wide range of topics including: the packaging of DVDs, advertising and marketing, and print.  At the start of the course students are introduced to the four key media concepts: audience, media language, representation and institutions.

Media Studies is a hugely popular option at GCSE which students find enjoyable and are highly enthusiastic about.