Mystery Visitor


Ms Halsall invited Mark Waters from Macclesfield Pledge to be today’s Mystery Visitor to her Events Management class.

The students asked lots of leading questions to discover what Macclesfield Pledge does and how Mark came to set it up with his colleague Trevor Langston.  They discussed the workshops, visits to schools and all that Macclesfield Pledge is involved in.

Some of the students had experienced the Careers Fair which Macclesfield Pledge organise each year at the Town Hall and discussed both what they liked about the event and suggested ways the students could get more from it.  Mark explained the benefits of students meeting real people working in diverse fields and being able to ask their own questions.  He said that while the fair gave young people a chance to see what is available, there would be benefits in meeting in small groups.

Ms Halsall said “I was very proud of our students, they related what Macclesfield Pledge do to the events they are involved in organising, we are grateful to Mark for being our Mystery Visitor.”