Information for New Students

We look forward to seeing you at The Macclesfield Academy School in September.
Remember: If you are concerned about anything, please ask.

What will it be like at The Macclesfield Academy?

We hope you will enjoy your years at the Macclesfield Academy; there is much to learn and lots to do. This book has been written to help you during the Induction days and also at the start of the new term. It contains lots of information which will help you to settle in so please look after it and bring it with you in September. We hope you will enjoy your years at the Macclesfield Academy; there is much to learn and lots to do. This book has been written to help you during the Induction days and also at the start of the new term. It contains lots of information which will help you to settle in so please look after it and bring it with you in September.

Our Academy is a large building with lots more people than in your primary school. It can seem confusing at first, but you will find that all these people are ready to help you.

There are about 55 teachers on the staff and the Headteacher is Mr. Hedge. Your class teacher is called your Form Tutor (or Teacher) and your form (or tutor group) will take your teacher’s initials: for example Mr J Brown’s form will be JB. The first three years of the school are grouped together and called Key Stage 3.

Like any organisation, our school has rules to make life easier for everyone. We expect you to be thoughtful and polite to other students and to your teachers and to do your best in all school activities.

Tutorial System

Every student is part of a tutor group made up of other students from the same year. In September there will be four tutor groups in Year 7. The tutors will be:

Mr Robinson
Miss Boydell
Miss Hussain/Mr Rodgers
Mrs Underhill/Miss Forster

Your tutor is the most important person in your life in school. He or she will take a special interest in your progress and well being and will always be a good person to talk to if you are unsure or worried about anything that has happened in the Academy. Your tutor or another member of staff will be your mentor and will meet with you at least once every term to discuss your progress and help you plan what steps you can take to do even better.

The Key Stage 3 Leader for years 7, 8 and 9 is Mr M Nicholson.

House System

There are three Houses made up of forms from all year groups. Each House is represented by a name and colour. You will wear a jumper with your House colour incorporated so you are immediately recognised as belonging to a particular House.

Students earn House points for their respective Houses. They can be earned for hard work in class, project work, homework, showing respect or kindness, helping at events and participating in extra sporting or artistic activities either in or out of school. By earning as many house points as you can, you could help your House to win the overall trophy at the end of the year.

Your First Day

On the first day of the autumn term, Wednesday 2 September 2015, you will arrive at 8.30am with all the other Year 7 students and go to the Main Hall.

For that first day, please come through the front door.

You should wear your uniform and bring your pencil case, school bag and this booklet! Don’t bring your PE kit.

That morning your form tutor will give you your timetable, the names of your teachers and the rooms where you will have your lessons.

You will be given your Student Planner and the morning will be spent getting organised. This will include a walk around the school with your tutor to remind you where everything is.

You will complete your homework timetable which is in your Student Planner. Doing homework every night isn’t as hard as it sounds. Try and get into a routine. Set aside an hour and try and find a quiet place to work. If you have any problems with your homework, or the time it takes, see your form tutor or subject teacher.

The School Day

8:35 Movement to Registration
8:40 Registration Tutor Time/Assembly
9:00 Period 1
9:50 Period 2
10:40 Break
11:00 Period 3
11:50 Period 4
12:40 Lunch
13:20 Period 5/Registration (Mon-Wed, Fri)
13:20 Enrichment (Thursday only)
14:10 Period 6 (Mon-Wed, Fri)
15:00 School ends (Mon-Wed, Fri)
16:10 School ends (Thursday only)

Contacting the Academy

If your parents or carers need to write to the school they should address the letter to your form tutor, your Year Leader or Year Coordinator, at the address given below:

Macclesfield Academy
Park Lane
SK11 8JR

The telephone number at the Academy is 01625 383100.

Parents: even though we have several telephone lines, some times of the day can be especially busy. PLEASE BE PATIENT. If you have “anonymous call barring” on any of your contact telephone numbers, the school switchboard will not be able to contact that number. This is crucial since the call may be urgent if your child has an accident.

You can also contact us by:
Fax: 01625 668635

We also have two special email accounts which are checked at the start of every day:

(for any concerns about homework)

(for any concerns about bullying)

Finding your way around

The Macclesfield Academy is a much larger school than your Primary School and during your first few days you will have to get used to moving from room to room.

At the Academy all the rooms have numbers and when your Form Tutor gives you your timetable you will be told the numbers of the classrooms in which you will be taught. To make it easier we have tried to group the rooms together so, for example, all the rooms for teaching Mathematics are in the same area.

Look at the map of the school and this will help you find your way around. If you get lost ask an older student or a teacher and don’t forget - EVERYONE WAS NEW ONCE (even the teachers!)

Make a note of where the Student Reception is as you can always go there if you are lost or have a problem. The map shows all the main areas of the school and the entrances and exits are also marked.

REMEMBER - Keep this booklet and bring it with you at the start of the September term. It will help you in the first few weeks. Sometimes things change over the holidays so listen out for your tutor telling you about these changes and make a note of them. Make a note on the map of any changes to rooms and offices - it will help you find your way!

What to do if...

There's a fire:
If there is a fire on the site you will hear the fire alarm. You should follow the instructions given by the staff and leave the building sensibly. You will be directed onto an area at the back of the school. Please line up in silence, so that the register can be taken quickly. Staff will need to find out urgently if anyone is still in the building.

You are absent from the Academy:
If you are absent from the Academy your parents/carers should telephone us, selecting the appropriate option, as early as possible on the first morning of absence giving the reason for absence and expected return date. If they do not do this they may receive a phone call at home or at work from our automated system. In addition, we also need a note about your absence when you return to school. This should be given to your form tutor. There is also a section in your Student Planner for your parents to use, if they prefer.

You need to go out of the Academy:
If you’ve got an appointment with the dentist or doctor, you need to bring a note to show your form tutor so they can make a note in the register. You must sign out at Student Reception when you leave school (and sign back in again if you return that day). However, except in an emergency, appointments should be made out of school time to avoid disruption to your learning.

You are ill:
If you feel ill during lesson time, tell whoever is teaching you. They will send you to the Student Reception or, if it is serious, to the First Aider. If you have an accident or are taken ill, we will get in touch with your parents/carers as soon as possible and will help to make all necessary arrangements. The New Entrant Form you hand in has telephone numbers where we can reach your parent(s) or carer(s). If you are off school for a week or more but are well enough to do school work we can set work for you to do at home so that you don’t fall behind. Just ask your parent or carer to ring up and tell your Form Tutor.

You are late:
It is important that you arrive at the Academy on time for the start of the day. Registration is at 8.40 am. If you arrive after 9 o'clock you must sign in at Reception, as soon as you arrive, so that we know you are in school, in case there is a fire. If you are late you will be given a detention at break time.

You move house:
If you move house, you need to bring in a note with your new address and telephone number on it. Hand this to your form tutor and the information on the Academy computer system will be changed. We also need to know of any changes to places of work or telephone numbers for any of the people you list as your contacts on the New Entrant Form. The information we have about parents or carers must be correct as we may need to contact them urgently if you have an accident at school.

Break & Lunch Times

Break Time 10:40-11:00 am
Lunch Time 12:40-13:20

Mrs A Salt is our Catering Manager. The catering facilities at Macclesfield Academy offer a wide variety of hot and cold meals at reasonable prices. Healthy options are available every day alongside the usual favourites.

MORNING BREAK - serving hot and cold snacks including bacon or sausage baps, teacakes, toast, cheese on toast, bagels, tortillas, sandwiches, cakes and drinks.

LUNCH TIME - serving hot main meals, sandwiches, jacket potatoes with various fillings, salad bar, pasta, paninis, pizza, cakes and drinks.

There are three points to purchase food at the main servery (hot food and the sandwich bar) and a fourth at the Healthy Eating Bar.

If you do not wish to buy food from the Academy you can bring your own break time snacks and/or packed lunch. Everyone eats together at the Academy at the tables and chairs set out in the Dining Hall.

The corridors and classrooms are not places to eat and drink, because we do not want food dropped there. Please eat your food only in the Dining Hall and the patio areas outside the Dining Hall. During break time and lunch time you must stay inside the Academy grounds. You are not allowed to leave the premises to go to the local shops.

Lunch time routine

For the first few days of term, you will be able to go into lunch before the rest of the older students to help you learn the routines.

Cashless catering is in operation at Macclesfield Academy. We operate a cashless catering system with fingertip identification. Opting for a biometric system has improved the service within the canteen.

Students are biometrically enrolled onto the new cashless catering system then place their fingertip on a scanner in the canteen to make a payment for food.

Here is a selection from the current menus:

2 course lunch £2.25
Homemade main meals £1.30
Vegetarian choice £1.30
Pizza £1.00
Sandwiches from £1.25
Jacket potatoes £0.80
Choice of fillings from £0.50
Salad/Pasta Box £1.05
Pasta and Sauce £1.50
Fresh fruit £0.35
Biscuits/cookies £0.65
Drinks £0.25-£1.00


School Uniform

A high standard of personal appearance is expected from all our students. The correct uniform should always be worn. If in a genuine emergency you do not have an item of uniform you will need a letter to explain why. At the Academy we expect you to wear:

Dark Blue Academy blazer
Academy Tie
Grey jumper with red, blue or green house trim
White shirt (not blouse) (worn with the top button fastened)
Black trousers or the Academy skirt
Black shoes (not boots or trainers)
White or black socks or natural or black tights (no leggings)

At the Parents’ Evening on Tuesday 7th July there will be a display of the uniform for you to look at.

If your family is receiving income support or job seekers’ allowance and has problems buying uniform, they should contact your House Coordinator - the Academy might be able to help.

PE Kit
You will need a suitable bag to carry your books and equipment. Your PE kit is best kept in a waterproof bag as it may get wet! Try and bring only what you need for that day as bags can become rather heavy.

PE & Games Kit -Years 7-11

Girls’ PE Kit
Navy blue polo shirt with logo
Navy blue shorts with Logo
Full navy blue tracksuit with logo

Boys PE Kit
Navy blue polo shirt with logo
Navy blue shorts with Logo
Full navy blue tracksuit with logo

Getting to the Academy

This is the best option for you and the environment but always take care when crossing the road and walk with your friends whenever possible.

Some of the students will travel to the Academy by bus. If you have not received your bus pass application yet, and feel you may be entitled to a bus pass please contact Cheshire East Council School Transport on 0300 123 5012 or email

When the bus passes are issued you will be advised of the times of the buses and the route they take. Cheshire East Council allocates bus passes and the Academy has no control over this. You will not be allowed to travel on the bus without your pass so please submit your application as soon as possible.

On Your Bike!
If you cycle to the Academy you can leave your bike in our cycle racks, located within the Academy’s own grounds. You will need to bring your own lock.

By Car:
We want to discourage car travel because of the damage it does to the environment, but if you have to travel by car, please ask your parents not to drive onto the Learning Zone campus, first thing in the morning. Please be considerate to neighbours and other car users. Do not park on Ryles Park Road or on Park Lane.

The Library (our Learning Resources Centre or LRC)

Opening Times
Every break, lunchtime and after school.

Monday - Wednesday until 4.30pm

How do I join?
All students are members. Just come and choose a book and have it stamped at the desk.

Where is the Library?
Check the map!

What happens if I forget my books?
Just come into the Library and have them renewed. You don’t have to bring the books with you as all the information is on the computer system.

Do I get charged fines if I don’t bring them back on time?
No but reminder letters will be sent to you via your form tutor. If the books are still not returned a bill will be sent home for their replacement.

What else is there in the Library?
Daily papers, local papers and other magazines. You can also use the school-wide computer network to access your work.

Anything else?
You can access the Internet; you can use the reference section, or just sit quietly and do your homework.

Homework Club
Homework Club takes place in the Library on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school until 4.30 pm.

We want everyone to take care of our Library books, our computers and other people’s work, so please do not bring food or drink into the Library. If you need any help with projects or want to know where to find information, talk to any of the Library helpers. They are there to help you.

Other useful information

Halls - The Academy has three halls. If a teacher tells you to go to a hall, make sure you know if it is:

  1. The Main Hall.
  2. The Sports Hall.
  3. The Dining Hall.

On the move - try and make sure, when you are moving around the Academy, that you walk on the left hand side. You also need to take care whilst going up and down the stairs in the Academy. Again please stay on the LEFT.

Outside - The Academy has a large area of playing fields. However, students may be asked to keep off the fields on wet days, so that they do not bring mud into the buildings.

Aerosols - these can be dangerous and they can accidentally set off the smoke detectors, causing the fire brigade to be needlessly called out. Consequently we ask that you do not bring them into the Academy.

Mobile Phones - if your parents want you to have a mobile phone with you for your safety on the way to and from the Academy, then you must make sure it is turned off at all times. If a mobile is seen or heard at any time it will be confiscated.

Confiscated Items - if you have something confiscated (e.g. a mobile phone or an MP3 player) you will be allowed to collect it at the end of the day from Student Reception. Any item confiscated more than once may have to be collected by a parent or carer.

Toilets - look for these on your map. You should make sure that you go to the toilet before lessons begin, and at breaks and lunchtimes. You should not ask to go during lessons unless it is an emergency.

Drinking water - students may have a bottle of water in the classroom. This may be filled from the water fountains before the start of the day, at break and at lunchtime.

Jewellery - the only jewellery allowed is one stud in each ear and a watch. Students will be asked to remove any other visible piercing or adornments. If you have to be asked a second time, the item will be confiscated.

Hairstyles - should be tidy with a sensible style, colour and length.

Footwear - should be black shoes. Trainers are not allowed. Brown shoes are not allowed. Boots are not allowed. If you do not have the correct footwear, your parents will be contacted to bring in your school shoes.

Caps, hooded sweatshirts - are not allowed inside school and will be confiscated, if worn.

Other Activities

There are lots of other things you can do at the Academy as well as your lessons.

Interested in Music? There is a wide variety of lessons and groups run so that you can have the chance to sing, or learn to play an instrument. The music department is open at lunchtime and after school.

Other activities include games club, drama, all the different areas of sport and computers. More detailed information about all the activities you can try will be available in September.


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