Star of the Week – well done Year 7!

The following students were elected by a teacher as Star of the Week and earned themselves a hot chocolate and our praise.  We are very proud of them:

Was really impressed with Jack Brierley and Rufus Davidson working together in food, very focused, safe and demonstrated excellent washing up skills.  Oh, and made some amazing pancakes!

Callum Melrose and Ethan Owen work really well in food and are definitely Active Learners.  Always listen well, and answer lots of questions. Really impressed.

Jake Brooks – fantastic reading.

Fin Parkinson – showing good understanding  in Geography.

Lucy Byrom – taking good care with her presentation of work.
Will Potts and Sarosh Zaman for their enthusiasm in Spanish! Love the competition between them both and they constantly have their hands up. 

Sharnagh Dennehy– For consistent effort in Geography, willingness to answer questions and always up beat!!

I was watching Charlie Brocklehurst help another student with his woodwork.  She hadn’t been asked to assist, but did it of her own accord.  The way she was gently showing him what to do, and the way she spoke to him was just lovely

Holly Perkin is hard-working and self-motivated and always gives 100% in my maths lessons. She is usually first to complete the work set and is just a lovely young lady.

Jack Bracegirdle got man of the match yesterday. He scored, got an assist and has got a great attitude.

Jake Churchman– Jake has really upped his game over the last few weeks and is producing some excellent work both in class and at home.

A pupil from my English class who consistently works hard in respect of her writing  – plus is an asset to class discussions is Holly Schofield.

My two stars this week in Y7 have been Mackenzie Dean and Holly Perkin. They really pushed on contributing in class and I know both of them are quite shy and not too much into taking part so I was really pleased with them, they have been giving 150% in French and I am very happy about it.

Rosie Oultram– upped in her game in Maths