Year 8 Battle of the Somme

Last term I acted out the Battle of the Somme with a class of Year 8 students. It was lots of fun and we got to throw paper balls at each other and hide under tables!
As part of our Year 8 History curriculum the students are studying the First World War.  Recently we have learnt about the Battle of the Somme and the significance of this battle during the First World War. The focus of our lesson was to understand the tactics that Douglas Haig used in the battle and the consequences on the British army. On the first day of the Somme 20,000 soldiers were fatally injured whilst attempting to cross no man’s land on Haig’s orders. The students recreated this battle in the lesson, we made our own makeshift trenches out of the tables, including the German dugouts which were deep underground. Half the students played the role of British soldiers, while the other half played the role of the German soldiers and our very own Mr Snowball took on the big role of Douglas Haig!

The battle was well played out by students with lots of dramatic effects, which was a fun, alternative way to learn such an important part of our British history.

Ms Hatch