Performance Tables & Exam Results

GCSE Results 2018 – 2019 Performance Tables 

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2018 – 2019 Performance & Attainment Headlines

(Nov 2019 – unvalidated)

Cohort Summary
Cohort 82
Students achieving a good pass (grade 4 or higher) in English and maths
English 77%
Maths 76%
English and Maths 63%
Students achieving a strong pass (grade 5 or higher) in English and maths
English 59%
Maths 34%
English and Maths 29%
Progress/Attainment 8
Progress 8 -0.10
Attainment 8 44.21
EBACC Measures
Students Entered For the E-BACC 35%
Students in COHORT Achieving the E-BACC 22%
The destinations of students who left the Academy in July 2019 (Data is based on information collected from students, colleges, sixth forms  and apprenticeship providers in October 2019*)
FE College 69%
Sixth Forms 25%
Apprenticeships/ Employment Training 2%
Studying abroad 2%
Destination currently unknown 2%
* Data will be updated as destinations are reported from additional providers

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GCSE Results 2020

After months of rumour and counter rumour and last minute changes in government policy, students at The Macclesfield Academy were delighted to finally receive their GCSE results today.

Speaking about the students and their results, Mr Richard Hedge, Headteacher said, “From the day this cohort joined us five years ago, we have known they were a remarkable bunch of young people. When their last year at the Academy was so cruelly cut short by the Coronavirus pandemic and the school closures back in March, we were worried that the exam system would not do them justice. We began a rigorous process of checking and double checking our assessments of the grades they would have been most likely to have achieved if teaching, learning and examining had continued as planned. We had every confidence in them but rather less in the infamous “Ofqual algorithm”. We are delighted that their results reflect their ability and the hard work they had all put in. We are also delighted that, almost without exception, they will now be progressing to either A level courses at one of our partner 11-18 schools or vocational programmes at Macclesfield College. We wish them well.

“In this year’s exceptional circumstances and in line with other schools in Cheshire East, we will not be publishing “headline” data or individual student grades. We do, however, want to congratulate Ben Ward, Sarah Lam, Brendan Goodwin, Hannah Whyte, Jack van Vliet, Rosie Wood, Charlie Jackson, David Wolff, Elliot Wiss, Emily Tuson, Will Harrison, Izzy Hooley, Ryan Bradley and Will Rowson who have achieved outstanding grades across a wide range of subjects. We also want to celebrate the hard work and achievements of Sophie Halsall, Holly Reid, Emma Cooper, Olivia Weir Hodges, Sam Moss, Ellie Howarth and Charlie Wiss whose progress from their starting points in Year 7 has been quite remarkable. For every single one of our students though, we are delighted that the uncertainties of the last few months have come to an end and know that they can look forward to the future with confidence.