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GCSE Results 2022

2022 Performance & Attainment Headlines
Cohort Summary
Cohort 116
 Students achieving a good pass (grade 4 or higher) in English And maths
English 79.0%
Maths 65%
English and Maths 62%
 Students achieving a strong pass (grade 5 or higher) in English And maths
English 60%
Maths 41%
English and Maths 38%
Progress/Attainment 8 DFE
Progress 8 0.04 -0.35
Attainment 8 47.87 41.69
EBACC Measures DFE
Students Entered For the E-BACC 47% 0%
Students in COHORT Achieving the E-BACC 33% 0%
The destinations of students who left the Academy in July 2022
(Data is based on information collected from students, colleges, sixth forms,  apprenticeship providers and the local authority
FE College 58%
Sixth Forms 26%
Apprenticeships / Employment Training 10%
Destination currently unknown 6%


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