Staff Emails

We know that students and parents will sometimes need some subject specific help, or guidance from the Pastoral Team / Form Tutor. Below is a full list of staff email addresses so that you can contact the relevant member of staff directly. Normally staff will aim to respond to any emails within 72 hours. If your enquiry is more urgent, you can contact the Academy using the main office phone number 01625 917 377 between 08.30am and 3.30pm.

Title First Name Surname Email
Mrs Joanna Ainsworth
Miss Louise Anderson
Mr Nigel Bennett
Mr Paul Blaylock
Ms Vanessa Bonnart
Miss Becca Boulter
Mrs Sally Burgess
Ms Amy Burton
Ms Jessica Clarke
Mr Andrew Dethick
Ms Emma Dickinson
Ms Kelly Dobson
Mrs Vicki Dooley
Mrs Tracey Ellis
Mrs  Mikaela Fallon
Mrs Janet Frank-Thomas
Mr Mat Galvin
Ms Megan Geary
Miss Rachael Hall
Ms Laura Halsall
Ms Kady Harrison
Miss Katy Hart
Miss Leighoni Hatch
Dr Anna Hazel
Ms Chloe Hewitt
Mrs Pauline Holt
Mrs Rachel Hooper
Mrs Jeanette James
Miss Claire Jerome
Mrs Isabelle Jones
Mr Andy Jowitt
Miss Stephanie Lambe
Mr Richard Laverick
Mrs Kerry Locke
Mrs Rebecca Lucas
Mrs Debbie Mathers
Mr Les Mugridge
Ms Ruby Mullins
Mr Matt Nicholson
Mrs Laura Perry
Mrs Holly Radcliffe
Mr Paul Reed
Miss Claire Renn
Mr Harry Roberts
Miss Deborah Robson
Mrs Collette Sharpe
Mrs Claire Shaw
Ms Eva Skarratt
Mrs Julie Skarratt
Ms Dyane Slade
Dr Jenny Slaughter
Ms Christy Smithers
Miss Rachel Thilwin
Mrs Emily Underhill
Mrs Andrea Wild
Mrs Ashlie Williams
Ms Jacquie Winston
Mr Christian Worstencroft