Safety Advice and Information

The following page contains links that have been provided to us by Safeguarding Children in Education Settings (SCIES) and Cheshire Police to do with advice and guidance on a range of issues regarding pupil/child safety.  Pupils and parents who use it can do so in the knowledge that it will be private and the ‘bully’ will never be told the source of the information.

Help and advice about bullying issues, including cyber bullying.

Advice and guidance regarding sexual assaults and domestic violence.  Contains an excellent page of useful links on a number of issues including mental health, self harm and child sexual exploitation.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre  How to report on-line sexual abuse.

 An excellent resource to help parents and carers to discuss issues around staying healthy and safe within a relationship; what makes a healthy relationship?  It includes a section on ‘staying safe on-line’.

Information and advice for parents and carers on bullying.

Advice and guidance from the Children’s Legal Centre.

  help and guidance concerning child and adolescent mental health.


   helping parents and carers keep their children safe on-line.


This page contains help and advice regarding mobile phones.  It contains useful links and contact numbers for mobile phone providers.



   Advice and guidance on apps that children commonly use such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, AskFM and many more.

  Keeping Parents and Carers up to date with the latest challenges regarding keeping safe on-line.


  Information and advice about staying safe on platforms that involve live streaming.