Careers Information & Guidance

careersOur aim is to prepare students for life, by making them inquisitive young adults with the determination and resilience to succeed. We also want students to be planning their Post 16 journey throughout their time at the Academy, so we have built our careers advice and guidance programme into all years from 7 to 11.

We currently engage a fully qualified and independent careers advisor who works with individuals and groups throughout the academic year. They are also part of the whole school planning and delivery programme delivered through PSHEE.

Our programme contains the following strands:

  • Raising aspirations
  • Personal goals and action plans
  • Post 16 progression routes: A levels, apprenticeships, University, etc.
  • Local labour market information
  • Interview and assessment skills
  • Career opportunities and pathways
  • Work experience
  • Applications and CVs

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance overview by year group

Year 7

  • Aspirations and goals
  • A 5 year plan
  • Skills and interests survey
  • The ‘whole you’, it’s not just qualifications
  • Qualifications & Pathways
  • 11 – 21: education routes and opportunities
  • Higher education
  • Visiting speakers, including ex-students

Year 8

  • Introduction to GCSE and vocational pathways at the Academy
  • Local market information and career pathways
  • Identifying skills and interests
  • Team work and practical skill development
  • Visiting speakers, including ex-students

Year 9

  • Attend Macclesfield careers fair
  • Workshops and activities with local employers
  • Group meetings with independent careers advisor

Year 10

  • Work placement application forms
  • Complete a one week work experience with local employers
  • Group and 1-2-1 meetings with independent careers advisor
  • Group activities with the ‘Macclesfield Pledge’

Year 11

  • Attend college and sixth form taster days
  • Apprenticeship information and assemblies
  • Sixth Form information and assembly
  • 1-2-1 meetings with independent careers advisor
  • Application form and CV workshops
  • Formal interview and feedback with external partners (Rotary club)
  • Group activities with the ‘Macclesfield Pledge’

We are working closely with The Skills & Growth Company to review the impact of our programme and improve the support we offer all students.

For more information or to offer support for our careers programme here at the Macclesfield Academy, please contact our Careers Leader by email or by phone 01625 383100.