Friends of The Macclesfield Academy

At The Macclesfield Academy, parents, staff and friends can be involved in activities to support the generation of income and provide opportunities for social and community involvement.

Our aims echo those of the Academy i.e. to create an outstanding school where students are happy and where they are prepared to compete with the very best in the world. We are proud of our school, our excellent teachers, support staff and of course the students, so we are keen to give our time and effort to support the continued success of the Academy.

The ‘Friends’ Committee has been formed from a team of volunteers and will raise funds for the Academy. The income will be used to support our school by providing much needed financial ‘extras’. We will do this by arranging enjoyable social events and other fundraising activities throughout the year.

We will keep you up to date with what we will be raising funds to provide via email and the website. We hope to be able to make our fundraising activities fun as well as successful income generators and so we will be seeking feedback to ensure we deliver on that.

We are a friendly and approachable group, who very much welcome any support you may be able to offer and would love to see you at our meetings if you can contribute. We are especially keen to make connections and engage with companies who can offer match funding or corporate sponsorship; so if you work for organisations that offer such support to schools or charities, we would really like you to get involved. We will also need donations of prizes big and small for raffles and competitions. We are open to offers to generate positive publicity for corporate social responsibility and will also promote goods and businesses in return for donations (for ethical goods & services). We will also need more volunteers to help out with events so if you are willing to assist please put your name forward. If you have any fundraising ideas then please drop us an email at

We look forward to your support and contributions!