Student leadership team

Each year we recruit Student Leaders at The Macclesfield Academy and this year we have appointed Year 10 as well as Year 11 students into that group. Our Student Leadership Team represents and supports the student body in a number of ways across The Macclesfield Academy. Roles include helping out at breakfast club, paired reading, being the Student Voice in Student Council, speaking  in assemblies and representing the school during Open Evenings.

Our senior student leadership team for the academic year 2019- 20 is

Position Student
Head Girl Sophie Halsall-Secker
Head Boy Sam Moss
Deputy Head Girls Nadida Adam & Leah Hanaghan
Deputy Head Boys Brenden Goodwin & Elliot Wiss

The full list of Student Prefects is as follows:


Charley Ball

Kimberley Chadwick

Amy Edwards

William Harrison

Charlie Jackson

Ashlea Kingdon

Edward Massey

Faith Oliver

Samuel Potts

Tyler Smith

Jay Stanier

Jack Van Vliet

Ben Ward

Charlie Wiss

Becky Jackson

Jodie O Brien

Evie Barber

Aurora Cassano

Kaitlin Havard

Nadine Sotero

Chelsea Johnson

Leah Heath

Alice Lobley

Faith Oliver

Edward Massey



Liam Belford

Leila Carter

Joe Lomas

Amber Carter-Delight

Sarah Whittaker

Trinity Johnstone-Reid

Tamara Gill

Ethan Owen

Harry White

Charlie Hogg

Chloe Vickers

Jason Bailey

Erin Newsome

Maisie Whittaker

Sharnagh Dennehy

Heather Gorton

James Walker

Willow Kidd

Eriska Thomson

Joe Martin

Kyle Fitzgerald

We wish the Prefect Team all the best in their endeavours across the Academy this year.


Richard Hedge, Headteacher