Year 7

Year 7 Manager – Mrs Locke

Year 7 Reading List

Here at The Macclesfield Academy we’re successful in ensuring the transition to Year 6 to Year 7 is as seamless as possible. Throughout the year we offer lots of fun and educational events to help familiarise our year 5/6’s with the Academy. It’s a great way for students to try new things and get to know our staff. We also have a special transition programme in place for our new year 7’s when they start at the Academy.

Starting Year 7

At The Macclesfield Academy, nurturing your child is at the heart of what we do. To build on Year 6 transition and ensure pupils continue to have the best start at the Academy, we deliver a weekly session during enrichment in the first half of the autumn term. These sessions are specifically designed to help the forms connect, bond and build relationships with their form tutor and year manager. They also help students with making friends, homework and understanding our expectations of students at high school. Usually, the sessions conclude with a special assembly where parents and carers are invited.



Year 7 school life

As our Year 7s’ settle in to school life, we continue to encourage and motivate them by having weekly awards for achievement and attendance.

Good News Year 7

Good News Year 7


Our enrichment sessions have a host of extra-curricular activities that students can try – printmaking, ballet, music, choir, drama and sport. Our Year 7 students have the opportunity to compete in teams right from the start of their first term.


Trips and Events

Many of our usual events and trips have been modified this year but there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in school life.

Virtual Open Evening in September

Just a  week into our first term we have been inundated with Year 7’s who can’t wait to tell people around their new school!  It is fantastic to see such confidence and enthusiasm in our new recruits! See Year 7’s appear in our video here.


Student Council

Our Year 7’s are valued members of our student council which meets every month to discuss issues from students. Members are voted in by their peers and meet in their Year group bubbles.

The Macclesfield Academy Family

This year we have recruited a team of Anti-Bullying ambassadors and Well-being ambassadors which include some of our new Year 7 students. The ambassadors make sure other students know who they are and that they can go to them for help and support.

Academic Life

We are currently focusing on reading and literacy at the Academy.  As part of this, Year 7’s have quiet reading time in form each week and record their reading in a special book so we can chart their progress. We also have the ‘reading eggs’ programme where we select students who require additional help and hold intensive sessions in morning form time for a short period. Students are rewarded and progress is celebrated!