Year 9

Year 9 Manager – Mr Andy Jowitt

Year 9 Reading List

Year 9 is an important and challenging year for all of our students. The majority begin Year 10 with an FCSE in a foreign language and their first GCSE success.  Others will consolidate their maths and English skills so that they are ready to embark on GCSEs the following year.  This extra level of challenge has played an important role in motivating all of our students to aim high and work hard throughout the year and some of the results they have achieved have been spectacular.

Year 9 is also the year when students are encouraged make a greater contribution to the running of the Academy.  Many will already have taken important roles in our student voice programme, as library leaders or in the dining hall, but Year 9 is the time when we recruit and train our student mentor team.  These students offer support to other students around the Academy and play an enhanced role as emerging student leaders.