Exam and results dates

Mock Exam information

The nature of taking exams at the moment has made timetabling a little more complex than usual, as for some subjects it is not possible for all classes to take the exams at the same time. Below is the Year 11 timetable for the mock examinations in English Literature and Mathematics that will be taking place after half-term.

As outlined in our earlier communications, It is possible (perhaps even inevitable) that some students will miss some exams either because they are ill or because they are self-isolating. In such circumstances, we are likely to need the best possible evidence from coursework, mock exam results etc. to support the awarding of Centre Assessed Grades. Therefore it is essential that students try their very best in these mocks in case the results are needed as evidence for their final grades.

Year 10 Mock Exam timetable November 2020

Date Time Exam
Tuesday 10th 9.00 English Literature 1
Tuesday 17th 9.00 English Literature 2


Year 11 Mock Exam timetable  November 2020

Date Time Exam
Tuesday 3rd Nov 13.20 English Literature
Wednesday 4thNov 11.00 Maths 1 (Sets 2 3 & 5)
Friday 6thNov 9.00 Maths 1 (Set 1)
Monday 9thNov 9.00 Maths 1 (Set 6)
Tuesday 10thNov 9.00 Maths 1 (Set 4)
Wednesday 11thNov 9.00 Maths 2 (Sets 2 3 & 5)
Wednesday 18thNov 11.00 Maths 2 (Sets 1 4 & 6)
Friday 20thNov 9.00 Maths 3 (Sets 2 3 & 5)
Wednesday 25thNov 9.00 Maths 3 (Sets 1 4 & 6)


GCSE Results Day 

GCSEs results will be released on Friday 27 August, 2021. Arrangements for collection of results will be announced nearer the date.