Celebrating British Science Week

British Science week at Macclesfield Academy
From 8th till 15th of March the Science department and our students celebrated the very latest discoveries in Science and Technology as well as deepening our understanding of the development of Science over the years.
To enhance our appreciation, and the importance of Science and scientific approach to everyday life, many students have conducted experiments to compare shampoos. Students have had a first-hand experience in that the price does not necessarily reflect the quality of the shampoo. Now hopefully, students are aware that certain factors, like colour or smell are very subjective, whilst the ability to foam can be measured and compared.
On Wednesday many students were able to take part in the activity “Methane bubbles” during break and lunch.
During assemblies students were introduced to the amazing scientific research that takes place across the United Kingdom in the field of parasitic microorganisms that can trigger changes in behaviour, appearance and wellbeing of their hosts. Students were also introduced to the advances in 3D printing and nanotechnology. These techniques have been embraced by the fashion houses, medical practitioners as well as other industries to create couture clothes with striking new shapes, textures, artificial limbs, components and artefacts. Many design and engineering courses now introduce 3D technologies to their courses as part of the preparation for the future precision mechanics, builders and  implantologists.

A particular highlight of the week was the 150 year anniversary celebration of the printing of the Periodic Table by D. Mendeleev.
The history of the Periodic Table is of course more complicated, since many other scientists like Newland and Meyer have contributed to the ideas that were foundation principles of the Periodic table.
The Science Department put posters around The Macclesfield Academy to demonstrate that all major Scientific discoveries are in fact a joint effort of many individuals.