Coronavirus Advice

Update 25th June: Isolating students in Year 9
We have received notification that two of our Year 9 students have tested positive for C-19 using a Lateral Flow Test (LFT). The next step is a PCR test, the result of which normally takes around 24 hours to come back. If the PCR test comes back as a negative result, all students identified as ‘close contacts’ for this case can return to school as normal and do not need to isolate.

On receiving the news of a positive tests, we conducted our contact tracing for students who would be classed as a ‘close contact’, both in lessons and in social times. These families have been contacted with a letter to explain next steps and the dates for isolation.

For all students not contacted it is business as usual and school will be running as normal. We will continue to follow the mitigation plan we have been following successfully for some time now. Please ensure your child continues to test themselves using a LFT kit twice per week.

If you need to register a positive covid result, please email us at

Should your child record a positive LFT test, please email us at so that we can begin our contact tracing process. You are advised to book a confirmatory PCR test through the NHS.

For all other messages please ring or email the Academy on 01625 383 100 as normal.

4th June 2021: Response to a rise in Covid-19 cases

As I am sure you are aware, there has been a significant increase in the number of cases of Covid-19, with the local authority recording a trebling of numbers in a relatively short period of time. Our school community needs to adapt to changes in the local situation and therefore I am writing to update you on some changes we will be making for our return on Monday 7th June

Updates to our ways of working from Monday 7th June

  • Masks will be required to be worn in classrooms and indoor social areas, with exemptions made as earlier in the year for some students.
  • Teachers will continue to wear masks except for when social distancing is possible in the classroom
  • Students will continue to line up before form time and be asked if they have symptoms before they enter the building
  • Unless the weather is inclement, students will be asked to spend social time outside of the building, except when using the catering facilities.

The importance of twice weekly testing

In addition, it is crucial that students continue to test using the Lateral Flow Test kits available from school. As such, please ensure your child has completed their LFT test before returning to us on Monday morning.

Symptoms- when not to send your child into school

If your child has any symptoms, please do not send them into school. These symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • High temperature
  • Sore throat and or cough
  • Upset stomach (this is a new addition to the symptom list for young people)


Reporting a positive test result

Should your child record a positive LFT test, please email us at so that we can begin our contact tracing process. You are advised to book a confirmatory PCR test through the NHS.


Keeping the learning journey going

We will ensure your child has access to their learning. Your child’s teacher will direct them to work to complete online, which may be in the form of online lessons, work from The Oak National Academy or online home learning through Teams or Show My Homework. If you are unsure of the work to complete, please email your child’s teacher for each subject.

Next steps

We will continue to monitor the local situation and adapt our working practice accordingly. Thank you as ever for your support.

Click here for the latest Government advice regarding school

Click here for latest Guidance from Cheshire East Council 

Mask wearing exemptions

There are some staff and students for whom wearing of face coverings would cause added difficulties and may not be appropriate. These may include:

i)                   Those who suffer from asthma

ii)                 Those who are on the autistic spectrum

iii)               Those with heightened levels of anxiety

iv)               Those with a physical disability which makes it hard to take the masks on and off

v)                 Those who provide support for a student or a member of staff who depends on lip reading

If your son or daughter falls into any of these categories and you would like them to be excused from wearing a face mask  please contact their pastoral coordinator explaining the reason for your request:

Year group Pastoral Coordinator Email
7 Mrs Locke
8 Ms Renn
9 Mrs Mathers
10 Mr Davis and

Mrs Murray

11 Ms Slade

The World Health Organisation have produced an animation on how to use face coverings safely.  We will be using this in school with students and would encourage you as parents to look at it with your son or daughter so that we can be are sure we are giving them the same messages about the steps they will need to take to ensure their safety and that of other members of the Academy community.

2. School work from Home.

We have made working from home provisions for individuals or year groups who need to self- isolate. Please follow this link for more information.