Emergency Contact

Safeguarding students whilst home working

Should parents or members of the public have any safeguarding or welfare concerns about a student of The Macclesfield Academy they should be reported via one of the routes shown below:

Emailing – safeguarding@macclesfieldacademy.org

Telephoning the school directly on – 01625 383100

If a student or parent has any concerns regarding bullying they can send an email to the address below in the knowledge that it will be private and the ‘bully’ will never be told the source of the information

Emailing – stopbullying@macclesfieldacademy.org  and tellus@macclesfieldacademy.org

Our SEND team email address  askmyTA@macclesfieldacademy.org  for any of our students who receive support for their Special Educational Needs (whether or not they have an EHCP).TAs will be monitoring the inbox every day, ready to support by email or by a phone call.