Technical Support

Technical Support for students and parents when home-working

 Below are a range of resources to help our students and parents:

1 The Macclesfield Academy guide to virtual lessons on Microsoft Teams for parents and students.
A quick guide on how to get started and where to go for help.

How to log on to Microsoft Teams

Guide to using Using XBox or PlayStation to access Microsoft TEAMS

Loading Microsoft Teams app onto your phone or device


Loading Microsoft Teams  onto your PC or laptop

3     Show My homework
Support for students including a guide on how to submit your work online

4   Logging onto
A guide to show you how to log onto and access a wide range of online Microsoft products, including Class Notebooks

5   Installing Office
A guide on how to install Microsoft Office on your laptop or PC

A guide on how to access and save your work in your OneDrive account

How to Find Class Notebooks
For some of your subjects, your teachers will be setting up online Class Notebooks using This will allow you to complete and submit your work online using a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.Use this guide to help you find and Class notebooks that have been set-up for you.

To log on, please use your school email address and password

9. How to support home learning
A parental guide to help you and your children adjust to home learning