Creative Reading Project is open now and you could win a prize!

Your challenge is to read seven books and complete one of the tasks for each book. You can submit your project to Dr Skarratt via Show My Homework. The most creative ones will win the Creative Reading Project prize!

Read a book and then:

1. Imagine you are a character in the book. Write a diary entry. It must cover a key event from the book.

2. The book needs to be promoted. Create a poster to advertise the book in store. Or, make a radio advert; write or record it.

3. Does the book have a movie version? If yes, watch it. How does it compare? Make a list of the differences. Create a book versus film flyer.

4. Summarise the book in three words.

5. Create a playlist for the book. It must include at least six songs. Which songs would you select to tell the story? They need to reflect the mood of the chapter/book. You can make a list of the songs or put the playlist together.

6. Dress up as a character or characters from the book. Stage a scene from the book and take a picture. Make a note of the chapter it’s from.

7. Design a book token for a national competition.