Mr Paul Blaylock – Subject Leader of  PHSE –


RSE, as part of the PSHE education curriculum, is vital to the development of the young people in our school. The planned programmes are designed to help them deal with the difficult moral, social and health-related issues that arise in their lives and in society. They also help them to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live confident, healthy, independent lives as individuals, parents, workers and members of society. Effective RSE is a key component in our approach to safeguarding our pupils through the curriculum. Pupils learn how to stay safe both online and offline including living healthy lifestyles. They learn how to celebrate differences between people of different race, religion, gender, gender identity and sexuality. They learn how to form and maintain healthy relationships of all types.

RSE is taught in ‘Pathways’ with Pathway 7 being Year 7 etc.

Pupils have 100 minutes per week of RSE/PHSE.

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