Summer 2022

Summer 2022 examinations & contingency plans

The government and the DFE are committed to running examinations in the summer of 2022. However, there are some adaptations for certain subjects and there will be advance information for other qualifications released by exam boards by February 7th 2022.

Overview of adaptations 

The attached document gives an overview of the adaptations for each subject taught at The Academy. including specific texts, topics or themes that will be studied by our students.

Advanced information (not for subjects with adaptations or Art & Design/Photography) 

  • Advanced Information will be provided by Exam boards no later than 7th Feb
  • There will be NO reduction in content
  • To make exams in 2022 less daunting for students, and help them to manage their exam preparation, they will be told in advance some of the content that will be included in their examinations
  • The advance information will NOT always detail everything that is in the examination

Contingency Plans

In the unlikely event that exams are not able to go ahead as planned, grades provided by schools and colleges will be used. Detailed information on how grades would be determined will only be published if exams are cancelled.

As part of this contingency process, schools have been asked to collect evidence that could be used, if exams are cancelled, to help generate teacher assessed grades. Before any assessments are completed that might be used as evidence, teachers will share with students the topics on the assessments to help them revise and prepare in advance.

Summer 2022 Exam Arrangements