Revision Support

Revision sessions for core subjects

We will continue to run the GCSE booster sessions in English, Maths & Science:

Subject Day Time
Science Monday 3.00 – 4.00
English Tuesday 3.00 – 4.00
Maths Thursday 3.00 – 4.00

Science breakfast revision sessions

Before each of the morning Science exams, school will open to students for breakfast at 7.45am (go through the main doors).  We will be doing last minute revision in the main hall (along with some breakfast) for an hour before moving to the exam hall.  The morning exams are:

Tuesday 17th May – Biology

Friday 27th May – Chemistry

Wednesday 15th June – biology

Monday 20th June – chemistry

Thursday 23rd June – physics

Breakfast sessions

On each of the dates below, the school gates will open for Year 11 students at 7.45am and breakfast will be available in the school canteen until 8.00am. Students will then attend a final preparation session with their core subject teachers.

Day Date Examination
Tuesday 17th May Combined Science / Biology 1
Wednesday 18th May English Language 1
Friday 20th May Maths 1
Wednesday 25th May English Literature 1
Friday 27th May Combined Science / Chemistry 1
Study break (Monday 30th – Friday 3rd June)
Tuesday 7th June Maths 2
Wednesday 8th June English Literature 2
Friday 10th June English Language 2
Monday 13th June Maths 3
Wednesday 15th June Combined Science / Biology 2
Monday 20th June Combined Science / Chemistry 2
Thursday 23rd June Combined Science / Physics 2

Guided revision sessions in the library

Mrs Dooley will be in the downstairs library on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes to help with any revision.

Personal mentors

Don’t forget to check in with your mentor if you have been assigned one. They are here to help!

Mental Health matters
If you need support with exam stress, please contact your pastoral leader , teacher or any of the mental health ambassadors around school. Young Minds is a good website recommended by Ms Jerome our Mental Health Lead to help with exam stress information and tips.