Advance Information

Summer 2022 examinations & contingency plans

The government and the DFE are committed to running examinations in the summer of 2022. Advance information and adaptations for certain subjects has been released by the exam boards.

Below are summaries of the advance information and/or  adaptations for all of the subjects studied by Year 11.


Overview of Adaptations and Content Changes for 2022 

Changes have been made to the examined content in the following GCSE subjects: 

GCSE English Literature 

All students will be studying: 

  • a Shakespearean play (Macbeth) 
  • a modern play (An Inspector Calls) 

Plus, one additional text or anthology to study for the following teaching groups: 

Text / Anthology  Y 11 English Teaching groups 
a 19th-century novel (A Christmas Carol)  Ms Hart and Dr Skarratt 
a 19th-century novel (The Sign Of Four)  Mrs Ellis 
Anthology of poetry  Mr Dethick  and Ms Lambe 

GCSE History 

All students will be studying: 

  • Wider World Depth study [Word War 1] (Paper 1, Section B) 

Plus, the following two studies: 

  • The Period study [Germany 1890 – 1945]  (Paper 1, Section A) 
  • The Thematic study [Medicine through time] (Paper 2, Section A) 


GCSE Geography 

All students will study: 

  • Paper 1 – Sections A, B & C 


  • Paper 2 – Section A: Urban issues and challenges 
  • Paper 2 – Section C: The challenge of resource management. 
  • Paper 3 – synoptic assessment and fieldwork skills. However, there will be no requirement for students to complete a fieldwork trip, or answer questions on their own fieldwork. 


GCSE Art & Photography 

A student’s portfolio alone will determine their grade for  GCSE 

Formulae and equation sheets will be provided  

Pupils taking the following GCSE subjects will be given sheets with all the necessary formulae and equations as part of the exam: 

  • GCSE Mathematics (formulae) 
  • GCSE Physics (equations) 
  • GCSE Combined science (equations) 


Overview of Advanced Information for 2022 

Advanced information has been published ahead of the summer 2022 examinations in the following GCSE & TECHNICAL subjects: 

 English Language GCSE 

There is no further information about Paper 1. 

For Paper 2, we know that Source A will be 21st century autobiographical writing and Source B will be a 19th century essay.   

For section B (question 5) of Paper 2, you students will need to write an article. 


Mathematics GCSE 

Students will be given a formulae sheet in the exam.  They will be using these in lessons in order to familiarise them with it (as its not in the best format). 

The exam board have released the topics that will be assessed for the May/June 2022 exams.  Students will be familiarised with this in lessons, but should tailor their revision to these topics.  Information for both higher and foundation can be found here:  

GCSE Mathematics Advance Information for Summer 2022 – Version 2 ( 

The topics could be combined to create more complex exam questions. 

Science GCSE 

The exam board have released a list of topics that will be the main focus of the longer answer questions in the assessments for the May/June 2022 exams.  Students will be familiarised with this in lessons, but shorter answer questions (that make up approximately 60% of the paper) will still need to be practiced in revision at home.   

In Physics a formulae sheet will be given in the exam.  They will be using these in lessons in order to familiarise them with it. 

More information will be sent out as it becomes available. 

To access the exam board information please use the link below 

AQA | 2022 exam changes 


Business Studies GCSE 

For GCSE Business there are two examination papers covering component 01 and component 02. Edexcel have identified the broad topic areas that the questions in the exanimations will cover. 

We will use this information to focus our teaching and revision running up to the summer examinations. 


Computer Science GCSE (AQA) 

Paper 1: Computational thinking and programming skills [Python]. There are no adaptions or advanced information for this paper. 

Paper 2: Computing concepts. There is clarification on the topics that will be assessed on this paper, which in some cases includes specific themes and content. We will use this information to support in-school and student lead revision, and exam preparation. 

There are also a few topics that will not be assessed this summer; however, we will still ensure we have covered all of content in the specification to allow students to apply this wider knowledge when sitting the exam papers.  


Geography GCSE 

Changes already made. As above. No additional guidance given.


History GCSE 

Changes already made. As above. No additional guidance given. 


iMedia Technical Award 

The number of units that need to be competed for the qualification has been reduced to three. This is made up of two coursework units and one examined unit. 


Media GCSE 

The content of each part of the exam has been released. There will still be an unseen element on the paper. 

Media One: 

  • Magazine – Tatler 
  • Advertising and Marketing – Galaxy 
  • OSP/ Video Games – Lara Croft Go 
  • Music Video – One Direction and Arctic Monkeys 

Media Two: 

  • Television – Class and Dr Who 
  • Newspapers – Daily Mirror and The Times 



This year students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills in two sports rather than three.  

AQA have identified the topic areas that will be assessed in the higher mark questions in the examinations this summer. We will continue to deliver the full content of the specification so that students can access all question types in the examination.  


Religious Studies GCSE  

(The details can be found at : ) 

This advance information covers Component 1, Component 2 and Component 3.  The  areas of content are suggested as key areas of focus for revision and final preparation, in relation to the Summer 2022 examinations.  

The advance information identifies the ‘Areas of Study’ from the specification, which are the focus of the Assessment Objective 2: Analysis and Evaluation assessments within each examination paper. This advance information applies to higher tariff questions only (i.e. those worth more than 8 marks, C and D questions). Students’ responses will, where relevant, need to draw upon other areas of specification content and credit will be given for this, where appropriate. 

Component 1 Route (worth 50 %): Religious, Philosophical & Ethical Studies in the Modern World Theme.  

  • There are no changes  

Component 2 (worth 25 % ): Study of Christianity Beliefs and Teachings  

  • Jesus Christ Practices  
  • The Worldwide Church Component 

 Component 3 (worth 25 %) Study of a World Faith (Buddhism) Beliefs and Teachings: 

  •  The Buddha  
  • Practices Festivals and Retreats: Practices in Britain and Elsewhere 


Sport Technical Award 

No adaptations. 


Advance information and adaptations by subject

For full details on each qualification please click below.

Art and Design GCSE

Biology GSCE

Business Studies GCSE

Chemistry GCSE

Combined Science Trilogy GCSE

Computer Science GCSE

English Language GCSE

English Literature GCSE

Further Maths GCSE

Geography GCSE

History GCSE

iMedia GCSE

Maths GCSE

Media GCSE


Physics GCSE

Religious Studies GCSE
Religious Studies (cont) GCSE

Student FAQ’s regarding Summer 2022 exams.

Diagram of changes to Summer 2022 exams.

Diagram of changes to Summer 2022 exams.

Click here for the OFQUAL letter detailing the advance information for each subject.