Curriculum Assessment

Assessment Calendar 2020
As you will know, GCSEs and Technical Awards have been changing over the last couple of years, with additional and more challenging content and the introduction of number grades (9-1)  for all GCSE courses.  All courses now have a greater emphasis on terminal exams and less focus on coursework.
To support our students, and enable them to be better prepared for the examinations they will sit at the end of their GCSE / Technical Award courses, we have put together an assessment calendar for each Year group.  The calendar provides information on the subject, content and dates of the tests or examinations.
Prior to the exams/tests, subject staff will be setting homework based on the content of the upcoming assessment.  They will also provide support and guidance on revision techniques, that will help students to find a range of techniques to help them retain and recall subject content.
If you require any further information about the subject assessments, please click here to find the contact details for each Subject Leader.






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