Curriculum Intent Statement

The Macclesfield Academy has constructed an ambitious and coherent curriculum that ensures pupils engage in a broad and rich experience that is appropriate to their needs and prepares them academically, socially and personally for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of further education, employment and adult life.

Our curriculum will:

Be knowledge based, accessible and aspirational for all students:

  • Students will be able to follow a wide range of subjects in Years 7 & 8 (including the full range of national curriculum subjects)
  • Students will start qualification courses at the time that is individually right for them, in either Year 9 or in Year 10
  • By the end of Year 11 most students will have followed an EBACC program, including a Modern Foreign Language a Humanities GCSE and Science GCSEs
  • The Pathways program will also offer a range of other high quality academic, vocational and technical qualifications
  • There will be appropriately challenging pathways to success for all students
  • Students will learn and develop new skills and knowledge that builds on what has been taught before and has a clearly defined end point
  • Students will be taught strategies to ensure that knowledge is transferred into their long-term memory


Ensure students develop knowledge, confidence and skill within English and maths:

  • All subjects will contribute to the development of English and Maths knowledge understanding and skills
  • Students will be confident and competent with English and maths, allowing, skills and understanding to be transferred between subjects
  • Students who are reading below their chronological age will be supported to catch-up with their peers


Enable students to make choices to keep themselves safe and well:

  • Students will develop strategies to manage the challenges of adolescence and their increasing independence
  • Students will develop the skills which will equip them for the opportunities and challenges of life
  • Students will look at diverse relationships and the increasing influence of peers and the media


Develop cultural capital:

  • Students will be taught the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement
  • Students will understand the importance of lifelong learning


Raise aspirations and prepare students for successful progression post 16:

  • When working in teams, students will identify their personal strengths and areas for development
  • Students will be confident communicators
  • Students will be safe and confident users of ICT
  • All courses will be planned and delivered with a view to progression opportunities post 16
  • Students will receive advice and guidance on the Pathways they take in Years 9, 10 & 11, to ensure they study challenging and appropriate qualifications
  • Students will have access to independent advice and guidance, as well as a program that supports them in finding a positive destination at 16 and beyond
  • The Academy will work with external partners to implement the Gatsby benchmarks, including encounters with a range of employers/employees


Develop skills and understanding for life in modern Britain:

  • Students will foster the skills required required to be an active member of modern society, including – individuality, confidence, critical analysis , tolerance and empathy
  • Students will understand the importance of the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect for others


Promote the development of personal qualities such as commitment to learning, respect for others, resilience, pride in achievement and independence

  • Students will show commitment to learning by ensuring they have the correct equipment and participating fully in lessons
  • Students will be resilient and be able to keep going when work is difficult and find ways to overcome the challenges they face
  • Students will show respect for others, including working well with and supporting other students
  • Students will attempt the most demanding tasks and challenges and show pride in their work
  • Students will develop independent study skills and show initiative in the classroom, as well as when completing homework tasks

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