Physical Education

Miss Claire Jerome – Year 7 & 8 Year Leader / PE Subject Leader

Miss Roseanna Emerson – Teacher

Mr Andy Jowitt – Teacher

Mr. Tom Wood -Teacher

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Physical Education is an integral subject at The Macclesfield Academy, where students are challenged to stretch themselves to develop social, physical and emotional skills. These skills are nurtured through well-structured fun and engaging lessons taught by the Academy’s excellent PE staff.


  • To inspire students to develop a lifelong commitment to physical activity
  • To equip all students with the knowledge and resilience to be effective practitioners in physical activity
  • To gain an understanding of a wide breadth of different physical activities that can be participated in.


All students in the Academy are taught twice over a two week timetable where they are introduced to a varied curriculum.  The lessons are planned to give students the greatest opportunity to participate in an innovative and creative curriculum.  Each lesson in PE will present opportunities to develop different skills such as coaching, leadership, officiating as well as continuing to develop physical abilities.



Leadership is extremely important, not just in PE but as a life skill. The PE department recognise this and we provide students in every year a chance to help out with local primary school activities that the Academy offer to our partner primaries. In addition, all students in Year 10 complete the Sports Leader Award. All those students that help out at these various events develop skills such as organisation, timing, confidence and teamwork which help them to develop their abilities as a leader. The Sports Leader Award is a recognised qualification which allows students to demonstrate their leadership qualities.

Student feedback from the leadership programme is extremely positive and we always have a high number of volunteers for each event.


Extra curricular is a vital part of the Academy life and the PE department offer a range of activities for students to come and join in with. Extra curricular isn’t just after school either, we provide opportunities for participation before, during and after, to a range of abilities not just those wanting to reach the top of their sport. We believe sport is for all.

All extra curricular provision is free to Academy students.  The timetable for the period 2nd March – 3rd April is as follows.  All abilities welcome.


The Macclesfield Academy offers the AQA version of the PE GCSE. The course is split 60% theory (2 exams), 10% coursework and 30% practical. Pupils will be examined on 3 sports and they must include individual and team sports. Pupils will be assessed on skills and a competitive element so they must compete in that sport. Please refer to the list of sports below on the specification.  Students will study the following theory topics throughout the course:

-Applied anatomy and physiology
-Movement analysis
-Physical training
-The use of data
-Sports psychology
-Socio-cultural influence
-Health, fitness and well-being

Students at The Macclesfield Academy make better than expected progress on average in GCSE PE and we are very proud of our GCSE students who continue to excel in this fun but challenging GCSE

Team activity list

Activity Comments/restrictions
Association football Cannot be five-a-side or futsal.
Badminton Cannot be assessed with singles badminton.
Camogie Cannot be assessed with hurling.
Dance Can only be used for one activity.
Activity Comments/restrictions
Gaelic football
Hockey Must be field hockey. Cannot be assessed as ice hockey or roller hockey.
Hurling Cannot be assessed with camogie.
Rowing Cannot be assessed with sculling, canoeing or kayaking.

This can only be used for one activity.

Rugby League Cannot be assessed with Rugby Union or rugby sevens.

Cannot be tag rugby.

Rugby Union Can be assessed as sevens or fifteen-a-side.

Cannot be assessed with Rugby League and cannot be tap rugby.

Squash Cannot be assessed with singles squash.
Table tennis Cannot be assessed with singles table tennis.
Tennis Cannot be assessed with singles tennis.

Individual activity list

Activity Comments/restrictions
Amateur boxing
Badminton Cannot be assessed with doubles badminton.
Canoeing/kayaking (slalom) Cannot be assessed in both canoeing and kayaking.

Cannot be assessed with canoeing/kayaking sprint, rowing or sculling.

Canoeing/kayaking (sprint) Cannot be assessed in both canoeing and kayaking.

Cannot be assessed with canoeing/kayaking slalom, rowing or sculling.

Cycling Track or road cycling only.

Cannot be assessed in track cycling and in road cycling.

Dance Can only be used for one activity.
Diving Platform diving only.
Activity Comments/restrictions
Gymnastics (artistic) Floor routines and apparatus only.

Cannot be rhythmic gymnastics.

Rock climbing Can be indoor or outdoor climbing.
Sculling Cannot be assessed with rowing, canoeing or kayaking.
Skiing Outdoor/indoor on snow.

Cannot be assessed with snowboarding.

Must not be on dry slopes.

Snowboarding Outdoor/indoor on snow.

Cannot be assessed with skiing.

Must not be on dry slopes.

Squash Cannot be assessed with doubles squash.
Swimming Cannot be synchronised swimming.

Cannot be personal survival.

Cannot be lifesaving.

Table tennis Cannot be assessed with doubles table tennis.
Tennis Cannot be assessed with doubles tennis.

Disability/specialist activities
A number of specialist activities are included in this specification in line with the Department for Education’s (DfE) GCSE activity list for physical education. DfE and Ofqual have agreed that the awarding organisations can jointly consider additions to the permitted activities for reasons of accessibility and inclusion on a periodic basis. The use of these activities for assessment is dependent upon the student(s) in question meeting the classification requirements for the activities, as stipulated by the relevant governing body. Students without a disability cannot be assessed in these activities.
Adaptations and reasonable adjustments to activities
Any of the listed NEA activities may be adapted to suit different needs, but the way in which they are adapted depends on the individual need or disability. It is important that any adaptation or adjustment does not compromise the rigour and validity of the assessment; often it is the context of the performance which changes, such as the use of adapted equipment or rules and regulations. In some cases, a particular move or technique required in an activity can be substituted for a suitable alternative, as appropriate.

Specialist team activity list

Activity Comments/restrictions
Blind cricket
Goal ball
Powerchair football
Table cricket
Wheelchair basketball
Wheelchair rugby

Specialist individual activity list

Activity Comments/restrictions


The following is a list of items of kit that are expected for every PE lesson:

  • Blue shorts or skort with The Macclesfield Academy logo (compulsory)
  • Blue tracksuit bottoms with The Macclesfield Academy logo (optional)
  • Blue leggings with The Macclesfield Academy logo (optional)

Students can wear either shorts or tracksuit bottoms for lessons but one must be worn.

  • Blue polo shirt with The Macclesfield Academy logo (compulsory)
  • Blue tracksuit top (optional)
  • Long blue navy socks to allow shin pads to be worn (compulsory)
  • Shin pads (compulsory for hockey and football)
  • Gum shield (recommended for hockey, compulsory for rugby)
  • Blue/black gloves (winter only)
  • Trainers (compulsory)

No hoodies, leggings or branded tracksuit bottoms/shorts.