Mr Phil Sutton – Subject Leader

Ms Jo Ainsworth – Teacher

Dr Sarah Kelly – Teacher

Mr Andrei Levitski – Teacher

Mr Ahmad Ayaz – Teacher

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Intent of our science curriculum

Our curriculum aim is to systematically develop and sustain learners’ curiosity about the world, enjoyment of scientific activity and understanding of how natural phenomena can be explained.

The main purpose is to enable every individual to take an informed part in decisions, and to take appropriate actions that affect their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of society and the environment. To also understand how these ideas and values fit with our British Values.

We aim to develop:

  •  understanding of a set of ‘big ideas’ in science which include ideas of science
    and ideas about science and its role in society
  • scientific capabilities concerned with gathering and using evidence
    scientific attitudes.

Through strategic curriculum planning we aim to have a clear progression towards the goals of understanding the big ideas through studying topics of interest to students and relevant in their lives.

Learning experiences will reflect a view of scientific knowledge and scientific inquiry that is explicit and in line with current scientific thinking.

Our science curriculum activities aim to deepen understanding of scientific ideas but also foster attitudes and capabilities.

Assessment has a key role in our science curriculum. The formative assessment of students’ learning and the summative assessment of their progress is used to inform future planning and develop independent learning skills of our pupils.

In working towards these goals, we aim to promote cooperation among teachers and engagement of the community including the involvement of scientists, industry and further education establishments.

We hope to provide a line of sight for our students and demonstrate how the lifelong learning of science is relevant for their daily lives and the skills developed are relevant for all occupations and future occupations.

The curriculum from Year 7 to Year 11 is a spiralling curriculum that has been sequenced to build on previous learning and provides opportunities for spaced learning to develop long term retrieval.