Reading and Writing

Dr Julie Skarratt – Reading and Writing Lead

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The Macclesfield Academy is dedicated to developing the reading and writing skills of all of our pupils as we view these as key to attainment.

Here at the Macclesfield Academy we take pride in being a school that reads. We have created a strong reading culture where all of our pupils read every day.  This reading takes place during form time, English lessons and pathway subjects.
We test the reading ages of all of our pupils and use this information to ensure that pupils are reading suitable texts to stretch and challenge. We have a well-stocked and current learning resource centre. Bespoke reading interventions are put in place for those requiring extra support with reading and writing.

In Yr7 all students have a fortnightly library lesson where they engage with the reading programme Accelerated Reader and learn how to conduct themselves in a library setting. This is continued in Yr8 and Yr9 where one form time a fortnight is held in the library.  We take every opportunity to celebrate and promote reading and writing across the Academy through ethos, display, assembly and competition.

There are whole school strategies in place for correcting student errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Subjects that require extended writing share a common approach to planning, structuring and constructing written texts. In addition, writing targets are shared across all staff.

September 2020 English Newsletter

English Newsletter September 2020

We have a strong culture of writing for real audiences and have established links with local publications. For the past eight years our students have contributed to Local People and The Macclesfield Express.

Local People – Autism does not define me by Eleanor Adshead

Local People – Am I a reader by Jaime Duffy Local People – Work Experience by Ellie Hall

Local People – What becoming a prefect means to me …… by Tristan Staszko

Local People – The Macclesfield Korean Kickboxing academy by James Fowles

Local People – My camping trip to Buxton by Ocean Wolstenholme

Local People – Back to the Future by Shoni Lewis

Local People – Work Experience by Ellie Hall