English Star Student of the day!

Miss Hart was very impressed by this Year 10’s analysis of the imagery in ‘Dreams’ by Langston Hughes. She said “He has really tried to understand the language used by the poet.  I’m very proud of him.”

Excerpt from analysis:

‘The writer uses imagery to express about dreams and hope. The writer uses the sentence “broken-winged bird that cannot fly”. This sentence represents something that is broken and has been torn apart and is not able to do what it is normally able to. The writer demonstrates the importance of hope by showing that the opposite will happen if hope is ignored/dies.

The writer also uses imagery to express hope and dreams with the sentence “barren field frozen with snow”. The sentence represents itself as lifeless and frozen which seems to indicate that it is just death and full of despair. The writer seems to demonstrate hope which represents life by comparing it with a barren field which is lifeless. ‘