Gone by Michael Grant is our Book Review of the Week

Gone covers the adventures of all children under the age of fifteen in Perdido Beach California, as mysteriously, all the adults have disappeared. Their town has been blocked off from the outside world. The children are held prisoners by the FAYZ wall which surrounds the town like a prison cell. As realisation comes around that having no adults makes it tricky to apply rules and a structure to the law, gangs start to build and people take charge. However, some people begin to develop powers of all kinds, causing war across the FAYZ. But the real issue, is the horror that takes place on your fifteenth birthday.

I read the book in a matter of days as it was just so gripping. As a thirteen year old myself, I found no difficulty in relating myself to some of the characters. The book also got me thinking on what I would do in a similar dystopian event. As I reached the latter stages of the book, I began to get giddy as I turned each page: too excited to even glimpse at the writing.

I can say I was pleased to discover that there are another five books to the series. I will definitely be reading them soon. I have no doubt they will take me on an even more thrilling journey. Pumping adventure and inspiration as I turn each page.

I would recommend anybody to read this book if they enjoy diving into a new kind of fictional adventure. Despite this, there is a small amount of bad language and quite a bit of violence. Therefore I would recommend the book to those age 12+.
5 stars!

by Jack Burgess