Headteacher Update: Tuesday 24th March

Dear Parents and Carers


I am writing this following the Prime Minister’s announcement last evening and subsequent clarification from the DfE.


I can confirm that the Academy will remain open for vulnerable children (those with an EHCP or a social worker) and those whose parents are essential key workers and who cannot be cared for at home.  In the light of the ban on all non-essential movement from home, however, we will need to be very rigorous in checking that the children in school meet these criteria. Please email me to check if you are in any doubt.  We now have all our staff on a rota covering each day of the week and will only call in staff from this rota to support the number of children we have in school. This means it is important that you let me know if there are any changes in your circumstances, or if you will need your child in school on some days but not others (for example because of your shift patterns).


Yesterday we introduced a number of additional precautions to maximise social distancing and to minimise the risk of infection:


  •         Students were kept 2m apart wherever possible.
  •         Students were allocated a single computer which they will use for the duration of their provision in school and which no one else will use.
  •         The keyboards and mice on these computers will be cleaned at least once a day
  •         We have increased the frequency of the points in the day when students are required to wash their hands
  •         We staggered the start of lunchtime to minimise the number of students queuing for lunch
  •         Staff (like students) have stopped wearing jackets and ties


Please could you support us (and so safeguard the health of both students and staff) by applying similar hygiene and distancing measures at home and, in particular, by ensuring that the clothes that students have worn at school are washed each day.


Finally, these are very difficult times for us all.  The measures the Prime Minister announced last night were extreme and will be unwelcome to many.  I am quite sure that no politician would take these unpopular steps unless he was convinced there was no alternative in the light of the expert scientific advice he had received.  Please, therefore, do everything you can to safeguard both your own family and the community as a whole by following his instructions to the letter. We should all be very proud of the work our NHS, our school staff and our other essential workers are doing, but that work will be in vain, and lives will be needlessly lost if we do not collectively follow the stringent new rules of the “lockdown”.


You are all very much in my thoughts.  Please take care and stay safe.



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