Supporting students and parents with home-working

All of the home-working activities and tasks set by our teachers are available for students to access via Sharepoint. Your child will be contacted if they have a lesson. Though reminders and resources are posted on Sharepoint, lessons themselves are on Microsoft Teams. See our Technical support page for how to access the apps we use.

From this section of the website you can use the links on the menu to access:

We have produced some some timetable templates that can be downloaded. There is a version in Micorsoft Word that can be downloaded and edited, and a blank timetable in PDF format that can be printed out. If you do not have access to a printer, the timetables can be copied out by hand.

Download Word timetable that can be edited

Download Blank PDF printable timetable

We will continue to add to this section of the website as we learn together with parents and students what type of support is most needed and useful.