What parents and carers say about us

At The Macclesfield Academy we aim to foster close relations with parents and carers, recognising that their input is vital to the successful running of our school community. We regularly receive feedback; below are just a few of the things parents and carers have said about us.

Parents of Year 7 students who started in September 2021.

“They have felt welcome by staff and pupils alike, and their recollections of the day(s) have been positive.”

“The children are very excited and optimistic about their time at Macc Academy, as am I.”

“The experience has been overwhelmingly positive and we have all felt that the school has a good energy.”

“Kind older students helped my son find his way.”

“She wanted to go in on Saturday!”

“Thank you for all your help. I think you did well considering the challenges we’ve had.”

“LOVED the breakfast morning, so special to share that with my child. Lots of communication, emails etc.”

“Seems happy when she comes home and eager to get to school in the morning meaning she’s enjoying school.”

“She loves her new school and friend group…”

“Teachers visible and approachable.”

“Having received my twin’s GCSE results I just wanted to share my thanks on what an amazing experience they have had at the Academy over the past 5 years and how we made the totally right decision on choosing the school for their secondary education.  Choosing a school when your children have special needs is a tough decision for any parent to make and we felt totally welcomed and supported throughout.  The SENCO team are exceptional and we have worked hard together to guide and support the children through some tough teenage years.  My children have always been treated as individuals and not lost in the numbers somewhere, their quirks and gifts have been nurtured and encouraged.  We shall miss lots of things about the Academy as the children move forward in their education but know that they will always look back on their time at the school with fond happy memories and that’s the best you can ask for.”

“I just wanted to take a few moments if I may to say how incredibly pleased we are with the progress our children are making in school and how the whole ethos and standards of the school are a major factor behind this. We have been totally impressed with the school from day one and this has continued throughout the last two years.”

“We would like to thank all of the teachers involved with our daughter. They have all demonstrated a great deal of support and care for her. We took a lot of things into consideration when choosing a school for our children and we can confidently say we have never regretted the decision to choose Macclesfield Academy. I do not believe we would have received the support we have needed anywhere else.”