What parents and carers say about us

At The Macclesfield Academy we aim to foster close relations with parents and carers, recognising that their input is vital to the successful running of our school community. We regularly receive feedback; below are just a few of the things parents and carers have said about us.

Parents of Year 7 students who started in September 2021.

“They have felt welcome by staff and pupils alike, and their recollections of the day(s) have been positive.”

“The children are very excited and optimistic about their time at Macc Academy, as am I.”

“The experience has been overwhelmingly positive and we have all felt that the school has a good energy.”

“Kind older students helped my son find his way.”

“She wanted to go in on Saturday!”

“Thank you for all your help. I think you did well considering the challenges we’ve had.”

“LOVED the breakfast morning, so special to share that with my child. Lots of communication, emails etc.”

“Seems happy when she comes home and eager to get to school in the morning meaning she’s enjoying school.”

“She loves her new school and friend group…”

“Teachers visible and approachable.”

Parent of two sons, September 2020.

“Having received my twin’s GCSE results I just wanted to share my thanks on what an amazing experience they have had at the Academy over the past 5 years and how we made the totally right decision on choosing the school for their secondary education.  Choosing a school when your children have special needs is a tough decision for any parent to make and we felt totally welcomed and supported throughout.  The SENCO team are exceptional and we have worked hard together to guide and support the children through some tough teenage years.  My children have always been treated as individuals and not lost in the numbers somewhere, their quirks and gifts have been nurtured and encouraged.  We shall miss lots of things about the Academy as the children move forward in their education but know that they will always look back on their time at the school with fond happy memories and that’s the best you can ask for.”

Parent of  two sons currently at The Macclesfield Academy, November 2020

“Choosing which high school to join will for most children be the biggest decision of their lives so far. The Macclesfield Academy excelled in guiding both of my sons through this sometimes scary process by hosting enjoyable taster days and by scheduling in sufficient time to answer their questions. The staff demonstrated at the open evening that the wellbeing of the pupils is as important to their team as is enabling every individual to achieve their personal best. The ethos of the Academy “Making our best better” has been encouraged throughout their learning journey and is now proving very evident in their continued academic progress.

Every parent will have areas they want to be confident a school manages professionally, for myself that was home to school communication. Having one of my son’s on the SEND register, it was hugely important that I knew staff would return calls and take time to resolve issues that can arise. I am really pleased to say that all sectors of the Macclesfield Academy, be it Leadership, Pastoral, SEND Team or Teaching Staff communicate with parents promptly and with sincerity.

There have been times when it has been necessary for the staff to ‘go the extra mile’, no more so than during the pandemic lockdown. Whilst this was a challenging time students, staff set appropriate and challenging work and communicated with parents well. On their return to school, our sons have commented that the school is kept clean and that teachers are doing their best to help them feel safe. The academy fosters a friendly atmosphere and our sons are both happy at school. Behavioural incidents in the classroom or around school seem to be seldom, but appear to be dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Based on my own experience as a parent, I would thoroughly recommend the Macclesfield Academy as a safe, secure and happy environment for learning. I am more than confident that any child who displays a positive attitude to learning, will achieve a high altitude in their learning experience here.”

Parent of two KS2 students:

“I just wanted to take a few moments if I may to say how incredibly pleased we are with the progress our children are making in school and how the whole ethos and standards of the school are a major factor behind this. We have been totally impressed with the school from day one and this has continued throughout the last two years years.

You have created a very special place with a unique atmosphere where everyone is OK being just who they are, they are not seen as being different and acceptance of all types of disability is promoted.  The boys are flourishing because they can just be themselves and even if that is a little quirky, or a lot quirky some days, its fine.”

I have always remembered your comments at parents evening in transition week of “never leave school on a problem” and I still quote this to the boys now, as it totally embraces what you are trying to achieve.  I only wish that other schools adopted such a similar ethos and life would be so much better for parents!

Parents of a Year 7 student now in Year 8:

“We just wanted to let you know, as our son completes his first year at The Macclesfield Academy, how exceptionally pleased we are with the school.  He has been very fortunate to have had some amazing teachers who have encouraged him in all of his endeavours which has resulted in him progressing in his studies in a way that in the past we could only have dreamt about.  He has also been lucky enough to have had teachers who have taken it upon themselves to act in a pastoral capacity above and beyond what would be expected from a teacher and have demonstrated that they really do care about him and his well-being.

We would like to thank you and your colleagues for what you have all done for our son and for creating a wonderful school with a very healthy ethos.”

The parent of two Academy students:

“We would like to thank all of the teachers involved with our daughter. They have all demonstrated a great deal of support and care for her. We took a lot of things into consideration when choosing a school for our children and we can confidently say we have never regretted the decision to choose Macclesfield Academy. I do not believe we would have received the support we have needed anywhere else.”

The parent of a current student, and his brother who left the school in 2013 after GCSEs and is now studying International Politics at Aberystwyth University:

“My son came to the Academy in year 7 and it was the best thing that could have happened. He was always happy, he made good friends, I always felt he was genuinely valued and the teachers really knew him. My faith in the school was rewarded when he came out with some really good GCSE results in 2013.”

Parent of a student with epilepsy:

“I am emailing you to say how wonderful the Academy has been with the support and care of our son and ourselves since we found out he has epilepsy. The SENCO has been incredibly supportive and available to us as parents and our son as a pupil.  Within a few days of us informing the SENCO of the situation she  not only ensured our son was supported in a very subtle manner but she and a teaching assistant had also been trained by the epilepsy nurse to provide emergency medication should he require it.  Within another week it had been arranged with the specialist nurse for a large number of your administration and teaching staff to also be trained so that our son will almost always have someone around for support should he require it.  I believe this training occurred during the staff lunch break too which we thought was unbelievably generous of all your staff.

One of our biggest concerns for our son is that this new situation shouldn’t impact on his life any more than it has to and your staff all seem to understand this and have made it very easy for our son to continue everyday as normal. This is so important and means such a lot to us all. I cannot really put into words the level of kindness and understanding that has been shown our son and ourselves and the brilliant way teachers have been kept informed of the situation.

I have told everyone I know how impressed again I am with the quality, kindness and capability we have been privileged to experience from The Macclesfield Academy team and I know the specialist nurse is also telling people how impressed she has been.

I wanted to email you because I would like this on record formally for all the staff involved and would be happy to make myself available to share my experiences with any other families who may have similar issues and who may want a parent’s view of how well our son and ourselves have been supported. Should Ofsted or any other official bodies require feedback from parents we would be happy to share our experiences with them too.”

A visitor to the Academy

“I would like to express how impressed I was by the staff, pupils and ambiance of the school.
I know that what I encountered does not happen this way by chance, it is due to consistent and clear expectations and boundaries, which is testament to the ethos of your school, the skills of your staff and the receptive nature of your pupils. All the members of staff that I encountered were extremely helpful and accommodating. The building itself is immaculate and has a real inspiring feel about it. The work on display and the banners detailing the findings of Ofsted project a sense of pride and give a clear indication that the progress and achievement of pupils is celebrated.
I decided to take the time to sit down and tell you about my positive experience which although only a snap shot, has left a great impression.”