Uniform reminder for Monday 19th April!

Don’t forget to update your uniform! Shops are due to open on the 12th April. Click here for our uniform supplier website.

1.      Only black leather or leather look shoes will be allowed. Canvas/trainers footwear of any type is not allowed. No black trainers!

2.      Boots of any type are not allowed in school. Pupils who walk to school in boots must enter via the main yard where they can change into school shoes, before entering the main building.

3.      No facial piercings or earring spacers are allowed and must be removed before entry to school. There is no allowance made because the piercing is new or because the hole may heal. Pupils are aware of this rule. Students with ear piercings should only have a single plain stud in each ear.

4.      Similarly hairstyles that attract attention because they are of an unusual style or bright colours are not allowed. Pupils will not be allowed to ’grow it out’.

5.      School trousers are of the traditional variety; black jeans, leggings, ‘jeggings’, trousers with a thick buckled or studded waist band are not acceptable.

6.      PE kit should only be worn on PE days. Non-Academy Joggers over shorts or non-Academy hoody jumpers will not be allowed. If you need to wear clothes over your PE kit for added warmth, wear your uniform.

7.      If you want to wear a jumper, then it must be the black V-neck Academy jumper. Plain jumpers/hoodies with minimal logos will not be allowed on entry to the Academy and it will be confiscated if anyone is seen wearing one.

8.       You must have a bag large enough to carry a ring binder, a homework folder, reading book and a scientific calculator.

9.      A well-stocked pencil case is a compulsory requirement  for every day at school.

10.  Currently, mask wearing is mandatory so please make sure you bring a clean face mask each day.

For the duration of the covid-19 crisis, students will also need tissues, anti-bac wipes and hand sanitiser in school to ensure that they are staying safe and helping to keep others safe as well.​