Year 11 Activities

We have teamed up with Eton College and you now have access to two exciting online courses that will help you as you move onto the next stage of education or employment:

Creative Problem Solving

This course will help you to come up with many innovative ideas and apply them in your own life. You will also develop your skills in creative expression, both verbally and visually and learn how to see problems from different angles.


This course will help you to feel more capable and in control of your life. During the course, you will keep a Resilience Log to gain insights into your emotions and start to manage your wellbeing.

How to sign up to your EtonX course

1.  Choose the course you would like to take

2. Visit the EtonX website and click Sign up (

3. Choose Sign up with Access Code

4. Enter your Access Code – please contact the school to get the access code for the ‘Creative Problem Solving’ and the ‘Resilience’ courses

5. Follow the on-screen instructions. Please sign up with a personal email address so you can receive the validation email from Eton College

6. Congratulations! You can now get started on your course.

Once you have created your account, you can always log in at to finish your registration and access your course. If you face any issues during sign up or have any questions, please contact

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