Year 11 Careers

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and not missing school too much! We have been thinking about you and have put together some links to careers information which we think will be useful.

BBC Bitesize Careers Week
Instagram at 10.30am Thursday 9 July for Careers Week on Take on the Teacher!

Know someone who wants to be a radio presenter on Capital FM like Sarah Story? 📻

Or a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing like Amy Dowden? 💃

Or even a CBBC Newsround presenter like De’Graft Mensah? 🎙

Join us on Instagram at 10.30am Thursday 9 July for Careers Week on Take on the Teacher!

You can take on all our special guests at Bitesize quizzes and ask them questions in a live Q&A!


Careers in Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery and Veterinary Nursing

Higher Horizons have posted some useful career guides on their website. This week they are focusing on graduate careers and access to medicine, nursing and midwifery, and veterinary science and vet nursing.
Click here to access.

The sessions are listed below:
Medicine Application Guide (Y11-Y12)
So You Want To Be A Doctor
Nursing Application Guide (Y11-Y12)
So You Want To Be A Nurse
Veterinary Science Application Guide (Y11-Y12)
A Day In the Life of a Vet Nurse

These sessions will include a survey collecting feedback about you. The survey is hosted in a secure SurveyGizmo account, and is controlled by Higher Horizons, part of the Government-funded Uni Connect Programme, who have funded this activity.

Latest (virtual) Open Days at Local Colleges
Cheshire College South and West – 08 Jun 2020 | 09:00

Macclesfield College Virtual Open Day – 11 June 2020

Looking for a Career in the Arts?

Steph from Minerva Arts is broadcasting the first of two careers sessions on Tuesday 9th June.  The first session introduces various roles within the arts, and Steph’s own career journey. You will be provided with an arts-based activity to complete. Next Tuesday (16th) she will return with another session that follows up on the activity and provides further information on jobs in the arts. 

This is a great opportunity for all arts and media enthusiasts! 

Our Learn Live @11 takes place on our Pledge page here: 

Click here for  information on work placements at Minerva Arts 

The Virtual Careers Festival

The Virtual Careers Festival was held from 19th-22nd May. The live part of the festival has finished now but there are still a range of very helpful videos on the website with interviews from young people just starting out in their careers. Click here and scroll right to the bottom of the page to find the videos.

Your Post-16 Career Options









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What happens now?

For questions about GCSEs, grades and what happens now, click  here