Year 11, time to pick your Hoody!

We are in the process of compiling an order for Hoodies. The Hoodies will have a large ‘20’ print on the back, containing the names of all students in the Year Group, and will also feature an embroidered logo on the front. Students can pick from a variety of 17 different Hoody styles and a huge range of 60 different colours. They also have the opportunity to personalise their Hoody with a nickname too at a small extra cost.

Deadline for orders is  Friday 3rd April. The cost for a Hoody is £22.00 for ‘College’ style. An upgrade to a premium style or the addition of a nickname costs an extra £4.00.

So please don’t miss out. To purchase a Macclesfield Academy 2020 Leavers Hoody, simply fill in the slip at the bottom of the letter you will receive today and ask your child to hand it in to Reception.

All colours and styles of the hoody are kept at reception for anyone to look at.

Payment for the hoody is to be made on the School Gateway by Friday 3rd April.