Masterclass Series kicks off with French and Geography!

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7th Jun 2023

This week our Macclesfield Academy Masterclass series started in full swing, with Year 4 and 5 pupils from local primary schools invited to engage with challenging learning, delivered by our friendly and enthusiastic teaching staff.


The first masterclass session of the series was titled 'Colours and French Artists' - a language session delivered by MFL teacher Mrs Jones. Running for an hour from 4pm -5pm, this was a great session that introduced primary pupils to the French language, while working around the theme of art. 

Wednesday's masterclass was all things Geography, flooding the students attending with opportunities for problem solving, team building and knowledge on 'why' certain events occur. The students were challenged with the task of putting up a tent, guided by Geography teacher Mrs Radcliffe, before learning about the varying types of ground found around the world and how each absorbs water - investigating the variables that lead to flooding.  

Primary students came away from their sessions enthusiastic and each sharing something that they had learnt. A fantastic start to our Masterclass series, which aims to give pupils a taste of the academic excellence so highly regarded in our school community.