Parent Partnership

Our parents are absolutely integral to the three way partnership of student, parent and Academy which underpins our work.

This partnership is expressed in a variety of different ways, including:

  • The parent induction meetings in the summer of Year 6 and the autumn of Year 7.
  • The half-termly reports which our parents receive updating them on attendance, progress and independent learning.
  • The speedy response we give to any parental queries about these reports.
  • Our annual student-led review day when parents, students and tutors agree priorities for the rest of the year.
  • Our annual subject teacher progress evenings.
  • Our termly parents’ forums when we meet to discuss a wide variety of aspects of Academy life.
  • The parents who volunteer to contribute to our school
  • The work of our parent governors.

We actively encourage our parents to contribute in any (or all!) of these aspects of the life of the Academy and welcome any suggestions for other ways we can bring parents into the heart of what we do.