The Academy Governing Board has a maximum of 14 members. Seven sponsor governors are appointed by the Macclesfield College, who have sponsored the Academy since it opened in September 2011; other members are three co-opted governors, two parent governors, one staff governor and the Head Teacher.

The Governing board has two sub committees:
  • Finance, Resources & Audit, which covers financial management, estates, human resources and audit responsibilities.
  • Health & Safety
The Governing Board meets twice a term, and may have 1-2 additional strategy meetings per year. The Governing Board has three main functions:
  • To set the school strategy in collaboration with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team.
  • To exercise critical oversight over all  aspects the school’s performance, in particular pupil progress and quality of education, but also Safeguarding, behaviour and wellbeing of pupils and staff.
  • To ensure financial responsibility, spend our income wisely and run a balanced budget.

The school is in a sound financial position and the quality of education is improving. Our strategy is to promote and achieve excellence for all our students by offering an ambitious and challenging curriculum. We maintain high standards of behaviour and actively promote personal development, citizenship and British values. We believe and promote an inclusive school valuing  diversity and equality among all our students and striving to achieve the best education for every individual.

An important part of our strategy is to maintain a ‘small school’ ethos to deliver a personalized education with a supportive, inclusive culture where staff can teach students as individuals.  To deliver the ambition and challenge in education we follow the National Curriculum structure with a wide choice of  GCSE and technical subjects. We have recently reviewed our curriculum to ensure it is ambitious and challenging for all students, with a focus on providing the confidence, knowledge, skills and in Maths and English as well as preparing them for post 16 education within a wide spectrum of science, humanities, arts and technical/vocational subjects.

We have made considerable progress since our last OFSTED inspection. The non-graded OFSTED inspection in March 2021 noted that the school had responded well to the challenges of the Covid crisis while continuing to make good progress:

 “Leaders and governors have taken appropriate actions to address the weaknesses in the curriculum for pupils in Years 7 to 9. These pupils now benefit from a curriculum that matches the breadth and ambition of the national curriculum. Leaders and governors are also taking the necessary steps to put a new, ambitious curriculum in place for pupils in Years 10 and 11.

 “Senior leaders and subject leaders are working together to map out the subject content to meet the ambition of the new curriculum. Leaders are ensuring that this content is appropriately informed by the expectations of the national curriculum.” 

Our results are a tribute to the hard work of staff and the leadership of our new Head Teacher, Mr Mat Galvin who was appointed in April 2021, and the Senior Leadership Team.

We look forward to continue our journey of improvement towards a Good OFSTED grade.

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Monitoring Inspection Report April 2021


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