What our Students Say About Us


Martha Noakes was part of the class of 2019 and left TMA with 7 GCSEs at Grade 9, two at Grade 8 and an A* in Music. Martha took part in many performances at school both acting and in the orchestra as she achieved grade 8 at clarinet. She then went on to do 3 A levels in science subjects and is now about to study a combined degree and Masters in Chemistry at Durham university. She hopes to peruse a career in Material science or Politics.

Martha said ‘The unique learning environment at The Macclesfield Academy prepared me for high academic achievement, gave me a strong work ethic and the ability to work independently. I felt very supported as an individual and as part of The Macclesfield Academy family.’

Meggie Bradley completed her studies at the Macclesfield Academy in 2019, leaving with 6 GCSEs at Grade 9, 4 GCSE’s at Grade 8 and an A* in Product Design. She is now embarking on a new chapter studying law at Oxford university. During her time at TMA Meggie was involved in wider school life. She joined the choir, took part in school performances, and in Year 7 won gold at the UK mathematics trust Junior maths challenge.

The PE department allowed her to pursue trampolining and gymnastics outside of lessons and in her final year she became deputy head girl. Meggie’s mum, Lizzie Bradley said; “Going to a small school enabled Meggie to thrive and grow. It gave her more confidence because her teachers really got to know her built strong relationships. Teachers gave her a good grounding in subjects she then went on to study and she was encouraged by the award evenings and rewards. Meggie was a quiet girl when she arrived at the Macclesfield Academy. Going to a smaller school gave her a voice’.

Comments from our Year 7s:

“When I moved from my primary school to Macclesfield Academy, I was welcomed and everybody was friendly. Also, since I have been here, I have felt like I was part of the school's family”

“My grades have gone up a lot here, especially since the teachers see me as more than just a number in a school full of other numbers”

“This school inspires me to do things I thought I was not capable of doing. If there was a prize for the best school, Macclesfield Academy would win! Thank you for being there for me!”

“I have the best education here and the teachers are helpful”

“This school is great, it is exciting, fun and interesting”