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Exra-Curricular Activities

There are many other things you can do at the Academy as well as your lessons.

We have a variety of sports teams and extra-curricular PE activities.

Interested in Music?  There is a wide variety of lessons and groups run so that you can have the chance to sing, or learn to play an instrument.

Other activities include art, drama, dance, book club and science club. New for 2022 we now have crochet & knitting club and walk and talk Thursdays!

After school we have homework club where you can sit and do your homework in peace and have access to a computer. See below for full list of activities per term.

  Activity Location Start time Finish time Staff Member
Monday Strings Project Room 21 3:15  4:05 Mr Blaylock
Trampolining (KS4) Sports Hall 3:15 4:15 Mrs Jerome
Girls Rugby Field 3:15  4:15 Pip 
Boys Rugby Field 3:15 4:15 CW & TR 
Tuesday      Choir Room 21 1:40 2:10 Mr Blaylock
Senior Rock Band Room 21 3:15 4:05 Mr Blaylock
Basketball Sports Hall 3:15  4:15 AJJ
Girls Football Astro Pitch 3:15 4:15 HW
Lacrosse (y8/9)  Astro Pitch 3:15 4:15 External Coach (£5 charge)
Wednesday                                                                  Staff CPD
Thursday          School Ensemble Room 21 1:40 2:10 Mr Blaylock
Science Club (Y7/ Y8) Room 9 3:15 4:15 Ms Clarke

Book Club A (KS3)

Upstairs Library 3:15 4:15 Miss Fallon
Book Club B (KS4) Upstairs Library 3:15 4:15 Mrs Lambe
Trampolining (KS3) Sports Hall 3:15  4:15 CJJ
GCSE/BTEC Intervention (KS4) Room 53 3:15 4:15 AJJ

Football  (All Years)

Field 3:15 4:15 CDW
Friday Rock Ensemble  Room 22 3:15 4:05 Mr Blaylock
Volleyball Sports Hall 3:15 4:15 CW