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Welcome to Pathways 2023

Our Pathways program is designed to:

  • Deliver academic excellence for all our students
  • Ensure breadth of provision, so that all of our students can follow a wide range of academic and technical courses



Video guide on how to use the Pathways Portal




To help students and parents identify the correct courses to study, below you will find an overview sheet presentation and introduction video for all of the subjects on offer.

Students in Year 9 will move onto a two-year Pathways program from September 2023, where they will study up to four subjects over two years, with exams taking place in the summer of Year 11.

We are recommending that most students follow an academic Pathway that includes a Modern Foreign Language (French/Spanish) and a Humanities subject (History and / or Geography). Alongside this academic core, students should select two further subjects to study across Year 10 and Year 11. 

It is important that students consider their subject preferences, as well as their reserve choices carefully, as some subjects with only a small number of pupils may not be viable to run. 

All students will also be allocated a Pathways Advisor.  Your Pathways Advisor will provide personalised advice and guidance that will help students to make the right choices now, to ensure that they have the best options when they leave the Academy.  You can also visit the National Careers Service website.

For our Pathways program this year, we are using an online system provided by our school information management systems (SIMS). A registration email will be sent to all Year 9 students via their school email account. 

A guide on registering your online account is HERE

You can access the online portal HERE